2020’s Most Modern Business Card Designs

2020’s Most Modern Business Card Designs

When was the last time someone handed you a business card? Maybe it was at a networking event of you were discussing business with someone you met at a local coffee shop.

Think about how you felt when you saw their business card.

Were you excited to work with them or did you instantly forget about their business card?

The business card is the first representation we get of that company or person and their business. And if it doesn’t hit all the right boxes and faithfully represents what their business stands for it can lose the company clients.

The same is true of your business card.

If you need some help with modern business card designs here are some designs to get you thinking.

Stand Out From the Crowd…

Many business cards now have embossed lettering which stands out slightly from the card. This is a great innovation that will make the business card feel great in the hand of the holder.

It also looks like you are a high-end business person or company and means you can stand out from the crowd.

Your budget for business cards will have to be high to afford these but think less is more. Try scaling down the number of business cards you print to just 100 to bring your budget down.

Then see how much of an impact they make. If you are increasing your business with cards with embossed lettering then be sure to invest money in printing more.

Colorful Cards

No one likes a plain white business card with black text. They are boring.

If you have a conservative company that strives on its historical reputation then black on white or white on black might work. But 2020 is set to be the year of disruption.

Get a business card with a stand out the color scheme. If you are just starting out then think about your brand as a whole. What are their values? And what color will your clients respond best to?

Bright colors are what many new startups are going for and some are even going one step further and placing computer chips in their business cards.

Save the World

Keen to brandish your green credentials as a business? You won’t do this by printing hundreds of business cards that have a huge environmental impact.

There are many business card designs that can be recycled so be sure to mention this on the card itself. You could even combine this with a green color scheme to really tell the world you are saving the planet.

Modern Business Card Designs Are Bold and Eco-Friendly

If you really want modern business card designs that are out of this world then be sure to think about designs with bold colors. This will make them stand out in the potential client or customer’s wallet.

Given the climate emergency also be sure to make sure your modern business cards are eco-friendly.

If you are interested in learning more about modern business cards then be sure to check out the rest of our site.


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