5 Must-See New Zealand Attractions If You’re a First-Time Tourist

5 Must-See New Zealand Attractions If You’re a First-Time Tourist

If you’re planning your first trip to New Zealand, click here to learn about the five must-see New Zealand attractions you have to see!

Did you know 3.82 million people visited New Zealand in 2018? There’s a good reason that so man people are flocking to explore and see new sights in this beautiful destination. There are some beautiful New Zealand attractions that everyone must-see.

  1. Christchurch

This is one of the main tourist attractions in New Zealand. The city was able to spring back to life even though four earthquakes left it in ruins between 2010 and 2011. Some of the main city attractions include the Botanic Gardens, horticulture displays, and conservatories.

There is a gondola you can also ride over the top of Mt. Cavendish. This will give you a chance to explore both the new rebuilt Christchurch and the old city before the earthquakes. Check out this guide for all the must-see attractions in Christchurch.

  1. Bay of Islands

This is a place you will want to stop by especially if you love anything with sailing and yachts. There is abundant marine life everything from whales to penguins to dolphins and marlin in the 144 islands.

If you go to the Bay of Islands make sure you check out the famous rock formation called Hole in the Rock.

  1. Abel Tasman National Park

If you enjoy walking one of New Zealand’s Great Walks is found in this national park. It’s called the Abel Tasman Coast Track. The National Park offers plenty of opportunities to connect with nature.

You can launch a kayak and check out the clear blue water in the area. Make sure you have your camera ready because you never know when you will catch a dolphin swimming nearby or even next to you.

  1. Rotorua

This is a geothermal area that has incredible topography. It is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire where you can witness boiling mud pools, volcanic craters, and steaming geysers. This is the perfect place to feel rejuvenated as you soak in the mineral-rich water that surrounds you.

  1. Napier in Hawke’s Bay

If you love tasting new food and are into the Art Deco scene, then you will love checking out the Napier region. If you want to get a glimpse into the Maori world then this is one of the best places to do so. The city is full of Spanish Mission-style architecture.

You will find Maori motifs on some of the buildings that you can admire. The restaurants offer unique recipes and unique procedures than the average person is used to. This is a wonderful way to experience and get in touch with the history of New Zealand.

So Many New Zealand Attractions to Choose From

As you can see you have a few New Zealand Attractions to choose from. Please keep in mind this list is not all-inclusive but it will give you a guide on where to start because you won’t want to miss these epic attractions listed above.

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