Can Massage Therapy Really Help You Lose Weight?

Can Massage Therapy Really Help You Lose Weight?

Of all the weight-loss techniques out there, the idea that regular massages could help you shed pounds is definitely among the most appealing. It seems too good to be true—all you have to do is lie there and the weight starts to fall off? Well, that’s not exactly how it works.

Weight loss can often be seen as a tough and miserable pursuit that hinges on pain and suffering, says Lewis. But when massage is incorporated into that weight-loss plan, there’s suddenly an element of self-love and care. In his experience, Lewis says that massage therapy can make the process of weight loss more positive, which encourages people to stick with it. Plus, a massage is an excellent non-food reward for when you reach your goals.

A more tangible way massage can help you lose weight is it can make exercise much easier. If you’re physically uncomfortable moving, weight loss isn’t going to come easily. “Nothing can be more de-motivating than being bedridden for six to eight weeks while you heal an Achilles tear or a torn labrum,” says Lewis. “Massage therapy keeps muscles tuned up, eliminates the tension before it turns into an injury, and reduces delayed onset muscle soreness. When it feels good to be in your body, it makes it easier and more fun to sculpt your body.

Massage’s Weight-Loss Benefits

Massage treatment may help anybody lose weight, especially those striving to do so. However, weight reduction may not always occur due to massage therapy. using massage therapy to fat loss is limited, at least one research found that when massage was combined with acupuncture, there were no substantial improvements in muscle mass or mass index (BMI) in obese women.

Of course, just because there isn’t any data doesn’t imply massage can’t help you lose weight. Massage has been shown to have several advantages that can help your body move and feel better throughout the day, making your weight reduction journey more pleasant.

Types of Massage Aiding in Weight Loss:

  • Swedish massage

Classic massage is a term used to describe this type of treatment. A Swedish massage usually includes applying massage oil or lotion to the therapist. The lubricant reduces friction while also providing an aromatherapy sensation to help you relax. This massage combines five various forms of touching to improve circulation and give relaxation: kneading, rolling, vibrating, tapping, and percussive motions.

  • Deep tissue massage

The practitioner following massages your body’s fascia, which is the deep connective tissue that creates structure and connects your body components. This intense treatment is generally utilized for persistent muscular pain, rehabilitation care, and oxidative stress discomfort conditions such as arthritis and bursitis.

  • Massage of the Lymphatic System

Lymphatic massage is a bodywork that focuses on improving the lymphatic system’s function. It also links tissues and circulation, including eliminating dead blood cells and other debris. Most lymph veins are found beneath the skin.

Massage therapy centers in Plano can be a practical addition to a complete weight-loss plan. It may ease tension, improve the sensation of your muscles after an exercise, and even assist you in getting a better night’s sleep. It’s crucial, though, to keep your expectations in control. Some of massage’s claimed advantages aren’t backed up by solid data.

Once you’re in the appointment, he says it’s important to speak up and not feel intimidated. Let your therapist know what your goals are and work on a plan to achieve them, he says. Perhaps that goal is pain reduction, improved flexibility, or posture improvement. Always remember that you are in control of your appointment—if you love one technique, tell your therapist you’d like them to do more of it, and if you don’t like something let them know.

Just remember that lying on that massage table alone won’t get you major results, but when combined with exercise and a healthy diet, it can certainly help you get closer to those goals.


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