Marketing Promoting With Newsletters, Displays, and Referral

Marketing Promoting With Newsletters, Displays, and Referral

Good business marketing doesn’t always have to include massive advertising campaigns and big-budget items to bring in the customers by the truckload. In fact, there are simple ways to do marketing for small businesses that every owner ought to consider.

For this case study, I’d like to use a road less traveled and harness your thoughts using the example of a truck wash company. Indeed, I’d like to discuss ways to market truck washing services at truck stops using;

Cardboard or Plastic Stands
Simple Gifts to Fuel Counter Employees

First, the newsletter concept; putting together a quick newsletter of various issues that have to do with your state, and the trucking industry or information about the area which is of value to truck drivers is not a difficult task.

It doesn’t take very long to put together three or four stories of value into such a newsletter and to leave these newsletters at the truck stop with your advertising inside.

Perhaps you might leave a link to your website, bar-code style mobile website link, a phone number, your hours, and a little map of how to get there.

Meanwhile, you can entertain them and they have extra material to read while they are part of the night at the truck stop. This adds lots of self-life to your advertising.

Next, let’s talk about setting up a small display stands. Having nice cardboard or plastic stand with flyers, brochures, business cards, or your newsletter makes a lot of sense also.

Most truck stops like to have this material available for their customers, and even if they charge you a small fee, it’s pretty much worth it.

Finally, you need to think about how you can generally continue referrals from nearby truck stops, perhaps rewarding clerks for mentioning your truck wash.

In fact, you’d be surprised how many times truck drivers will ask the people behind the fuel counter at a truck stop where the nearest truck wash is.

Therefore, you should know all of the clerks at all of the truck stops by name, treat them with respect, and do a little extra something for them such as giving them a small gift certificate, or something that they can use.

They will remember you, and most truck stops do not pay their clerks behind the counter much more than minimum wage anyway, so anything you get to them they will very much appreciate.

This means they will also refer the divers who ask them where a good truck wash is – your truck wash!

Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it, and then sit back and come up with your own ideas and concepts to add to your future marketing strategies.

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