How to Make Your Kitchen Beautiful

How to Make Your Kitchen Beautiful

A kitchen is the heart and soul of the house. Many people like to host parties or gather casually in the kitchen. If you have the same habit, then you should learn how to make your kitchen beautiful. It will make the people feel more comfortable and give your guests a homely feeling. Here are a few tried and tested tips on making your kitchen beautiful shared by the experts.

Focus on Walls

“Walls are the most integral part of a room, so you need to focus on them. Though adding wallpapers seem to be good enough, you must consider adding nice enough paint to it”, says, Design Manager at New Casa Painters ( ). “The paint you could consider must be unique, and you should accent the color palette by adding a piece of art to the wall. The piece of art could be anything from antique mismatched plates to kids’ art.”

Make It Inviting

Sara Story, a Vancouver BC-based interior designer, advises focussing on making the kitchen more inviting. She said “Kitchen is the place where adults have a good breakfast to kick off their day, and it is the place where kids sneak in to have some cookies. So, the needs to be a warm, inviting, and casual location where everyone can sit for hours. To make the kitchen more inviting, you can add cabinets to keep everything organized and use bold colors that make an impression the moment someone walks in.”

Use Conversation Starters

The story also insists on the importance of having a few conversation starters in the kitchen. She says “You should place something unique like antique coffee tins or spoon holders that catch the eye instantly. It will ensure that if someone new comes into your kitchen, he or she can start a conversation with ease and feel more at home. When people feel comfortable from their first visit, they will be likely to visit you more and develop a strong connection with you.”

In the opinion of Burnaby BC-based interior designer, Kurt Knapstein, you can make an impression even with the small changes that are quite inexpensive. He suggests “It is a misconception that you need to spend a lot to make your kitchen beautiful. You can do so by making small changes too. One change I would recommend is to use knobs and pulls that have a different shape and vary in size and color. It will draw people’s eyes more easily and make them appreciate the uniqueness of your kitchen.”

Lights Matter

Knapstein also recommends lighting as a cost-effective method of upgrading your kitchen décor. He opines “You should use products like under-cabinet LED kitchen lights that keep your kitchen filled with light and help make everything look stunning. Such an idea is a one-time expense that fills your life with light for years and hence provides maximum value for money.”

Use the Right Accessories

Making use of the right accessories is the way to go according to the former host of Design on a Dime, Summer Baltzer. He insists “You can use accessories like colorful cookbooks to colorful baking pottery and hand-painted framed tiles to wooden salt and pepper mills as accessories that will improve your kitchen and make it more appealing.”

Now that you have a fair idea of how to make your kitchen beautiful, you should move on and try these home renovations that increase property value.


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