How to Start an Etsy Business in 7 Simple Steps

How to Start an Etsy Business in 7 Simple Steps

Did you know the pandemic has supercharged Etsy? If you want to learn how to create an online shop, we can help.

We’ll go over how to use Esty and start a successful shop in this guide.

Want to learn more? Keep reading.

  1. First, You’ll Need to Create an Account

Look at setting up an account by clicking the link “Sell on Etsy” on the website. Enter your name, password, and email before choosing to Register.

Create your Etsy account through your current Facebook, Apple, or Google account.

If you have an existing Etsy account from where you bought products, log in and then click “Open Your Etsy Shop.”

  1. Spend Time Choosing Your Shop Preferences

Next, you will have a chance to begin choosing the shop preferences. You’ll designate the basic settings for your new shop. Set your default language, where you’ll describe your items.

Choose to translate your page into different languages after you open your shop.

Set your home country and currency that you would prefer to list items. If your currency is different from your Etsy shop’s currency, you’ll have conversion fees. This is around two and a half percent of the sale amount.

You’ll then decide whether you’re a part-time or full-time seller.

  1. What’s Your Store’s Name?

Have fun brainstorming and creating a unique name for your Etsy store. Your shop name should intrigue your customers but also remain easy to remember. Does your name reflect your values or products?

Your store name shouldn’t have special characters, profanities, or trademark infringements. Also, it should remain between four to 20 characters long and not already be in use by another seller on Etsy.

If someone else has chosen your preferred name, Etsy will suggest names. Pick the name of your shop.

Try coming up with descriptive and suggestive names. Use phrases or words that will help evoke a feeling of your particular brand. Are you selling rustic art? Make sure to use this word. Will you sell plants? Use the specific plant name in your shop’s title.

Try using abstract names, as well. This will add a unique element, and people will easily remember your name.

Sometimes, people will choose to use their names. This way, they can adapt or change the products they sell.

It’s more challenging to find a shop that uses your name. Etsy recommends you add something like Workshop or Studio. For example, you could call your shop SteveWorkshop.

Before you open your shop, take time brainstorming your name. The name will help customers find you and remember your shop. You can only change your name once.

If you want to expand your shop to a website or Instagram, you’ll need to use this name. Make sure you research to make sure you can use this name and that someone else isn’t using it.

Look at getting a professional to make your website. Check out Hilton Website Design.

  1. Start Adding Items to Your New Shop

Next, you will need to begin listing items in your Etsy shop. You can list digital or physical things, but they involve separate processes.

  1. Take Excellent Product Photos

If you list physical products, first, you should take at least five or six pictures of your product. The maximum amount you can include is 10 pictures.

Customers want to see your product from different angles. This will help them get an understanding of the size of the product.

If your product has different colors, you could include images of the variations. This way, customers can see all the other options.

Choose a thumbnail that will capture customers’ attention. The thumbnail is the first picture your customers will see in your store. Also, the picture will show up on Google, so make sure the image you choose is excellent.

  1. Draft a Detailed Listing Description

The title of your product should include a lot of details. You can also provide a detailed description and extra information. Try to use all your 140-character limits.

In your description section, preview your listing for a Google search result. This will help you optimize for e-commerce SEO.

Make sure you pay attention to the renewal options in your listing details. If you choose automatic, your listing will get renewed after it expires. This occurs every four months.

Every time your listing continues, you’ll get charged a 20-cent fee. Make sure you remember this when you open your shop.

Would you like to renew your listings or delete them? Then consider choosing the manual option.

Take advantage of using the 13 tags for your item. Shoppers will find your item when they search a keyword associated with your item.

Think about what a customer will search for when discovering your item. These keywords will be your tags.

  1. Finish Your Pricing and Inventory

If you have many items, look at entering the product’s sales tax, price, and quantity. You should also add your SKU number and the possible variations if you have one.

Add materials, colors, and sizes. Link the photos to these variations.

How to Start an Etsy Shop

We hope this guide on how to start an Etsy shop was helpful. Consider how you can capture interested customers’ attention and write exciting descriptions.

Spend time thinking about a unique and memorable shop name.

Do you need more business or finance tips? Well, stay on the blog and browse our helpful resources. Start building your business and make it a success.


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