How to Travel Around the World Like a Pro

How to Travel Around the World Like a Pro

With advanced planes, trains, and automobiles, the world is smaller than ever before. The number of people traveling the world over is exploding. In 2005, international tourist arrivals numbered 528 million. Just 10 years later, this number had grown to 1.19 billion.

Are you itching to get out and explore? Learn how to travel around the world with these quick tips.

Make a Plan

Start your travel experience by making a plan.

Your plan can be a skeleton, perhaps just a list of the destinations you want to visit. Or it can be fully fleshed out with transportation, accommodations, activities, and everything planned for and even booked ahead of time. (If you go this route we suggest leaving some breathing room for unexpected circumstances).

For most people, the best plans are somewhere in the middle. For example, having your main transportation and accommodations planned and booked before you depart is a good move. Then you won’t be stuck looking for a hotel in an unfamiliar city at 10 pm.

You can also research things to do at your destination. By booking ahead of time you can often save money. However, remember that once you arrive you may discover something that you really want to do, so leave room in your schedule for that.

Reduce Expenses and Make Money

If you want to travel long-term, you’ll either need to be independently wealthy or find a way to reduce expenses or even make money while you travel.

Some people have had success blogging about their travels and earning money as they travel around. This method will take a while to get the ball rolling as you have to grow a decent-sized following before you’ll be making enough to live (or travel) on.

However, there are a whole host of temporary or travel-type jobs you can find to fuel your travels. A few ideas include:

  • Cruise ship worker
  • Seasonal restaurant worker
  • Farm laborer
  • Seasonal worker at a ski resort
  • Au pair (live-in nanny/caretaker)
  • Hostel worker

Some positions are part-time that give you plenty of time for sight-seeing. Others mean you will be working long hours, but with few expenses, you can sock money away quickly to travel with when your contract ends.

Learn a Few Phrases of the Local Language

These days, people everywhere speak English — especially in places that cater to tourists. However, it’s a good idea to try to learn a few phrases in the local language.

Locals love it when travelers put in the effort to learn their language. Even if your pronunciation is horrible and you say it backward, people will appreciate that you tried. This will open up delightful conversations and interactions. You’ll learn more about the culture of the area and have a more enriching experience.

How to Travel Around the World Safely

Learning how to travel around the world is more than just picking destinations and exploring.

You have to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Try to blend in with the locals and don’t stand out as a tourist. This will reduce your risk of being robbed.

Ready to get out and explore? Be sure to check out more articles on the blog for more great travel tips!


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