Matt Stonie biography

Matt Stonie biography

(The famous American competitive eater and YouTuber Matt Stonie are very famous just because Matt Stonie is the best ranked competitive eater in the world.

His real name is Matthew Kai Stonie who lives in America. Matt Stonie won a contest too which is Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest. Matt Stonie has many followers and Matt Stonie has gained too much fame from his YouTube channel. But what about Matt Stonie GF, Is Matt Stonie dating someone? you want an answer to these kinds of questions then this article is for you. Read all details about Matt Stonie Biography.)

Let’s know about Matt Stonie Biography, and Matt Stonie dating whom? You want to know about Matt Stonie wife or Matt Stonie Girlfriend in this article so continue this article for Matt Stonie dating life-

Nickname– Megatoad

Age– Matt Stonie age 22 years old

Matt Stonie nationality– American

Matt Stonie ethnicity– Multiracial

Profession– Competitive Eater

Date of birth– 24 May 1992

Horoscope– Gemini

Birthplace– San Jose, CA

Marital status– Single

Matt Stonie Biography –

Matt Stonie’s full name is Matthew Kai Stonie who San Jose, California. Matt Stonie’s nickname is “Megatoad” which comes from the character Toad in the Super Mario franchise. Matt Stonie is a mixture of Japanese, Czechoslovakian, and Lithuanian. Matt Stonie was graduated from Evergreen Valley High school which is in California.

Matt Stonie has a younger brother too and his name is Morgan Stonie and Matt Stonie’s brother often participates in his production challenges which Matt Stonie uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Matt Stonie YouTube channel name is Matt Stonie you can click on the below link for his amazing eating competition videos. Matt Stonie posts his 1st video in 2012 and Matt Stonie post speed eating videos, Matt Stonie YouTube subscribers 12.7 million as of 2020 October, and the total highest view is 2.3 Billion which is very high. Matt Stonie famous for eating competition and he made this his profession.

Click on the link for YouTube Videos-

What is the Matt Stonie Age –

Matt Stonie is a young man who loves to give a competition to their competitor who is best in eating. Matt Stonie maximum won his competition and he is the best competitive eater.

Matt Stonie’s age is 28 years old as of 2020 and Matt Stonie’s birth date is 24th May 1992 who born in California, San Jose.

Matt Stonie Nationality –

Matt Stonie is a kind of Mixture as I told you but Matt Stonie’s nationality is American.

Matt Stonie Ethnicity –

Matt Stonie’s ethnicity is Multiracial which is Japanese, Czechoslovakian, and Lithuanian.

Matt Stonie Height –

Matt Stonie is a young man but not too tall. Matt Stonie’s height is 5 feet 8 inches, Matt Stonie’s height is ok but not too tall like other American men. Matt Stonie’s profession is based on eating but Matt Stonie’s weight is not too fat, he is a fit and fine man, Matt Stonie’s weight is 59kg (130 lbs).

Matt Stonie’s eye color is dark brown and Matt Stonie’s eyes are very small which makes him cute. Matt Stonie has nice good black hair.

Matt Stonie Wife – Matt Stonie Dating –

Finally, you really want to know about Matt Stonie’s dating life or Matt Stonie’s wife. So I want to tell you for your information that Matt Stonie is not married so Matt Stonie’s wife is not existed as of now 2020, Right now his focus is on his career, and Matt Stonie wants to make his carrier first.

But we will stay in touch and we will update you soon about Matt Stonie dating life or Matt Stonie’s wife.

Who is Matt Stonie’s Girlfriend-

According to our information, Matt Stonie is single; there is nothing about Matt Stonie GF on the internet.

But I want to tell you that previously there is 1 Matt Stonie girlfriend according to the CelebsCouples.

Matt Stonie does not have any girlfriend as of now 2020 according to the internet and followers of Matt Stonie.

Currently, we are searching for Matt Stonie’s girlfriend information or Matt Stonie dating whom, so we will update you soon about Matt Stonie GF, stay in touch with us. But yeah for your information Matt Stonie has 1 past relationship but they hide their relationship no one knows about Matt Stonie girlfriend history.

How Much Matt Stonie Net Worth –

According to Matt Stonie’s age, he had done very well in his life. Matt Stonie is the best eating competitor and he earns money from his competition and YouTube, Matt Stonie famous on YouTube too.

Matt Stonie net-worth $700 thousand. And there are many sources of Matt Stonie’s income.

Matt Stonie Instagram –

Go and follow this amazing eating competitor on Instagram and watch Matt Stonie Instagram videos which are very interesting and amazing, click on the below link for Matt Stonie Instagram-

Matt Stonie Instagram page name is (matt_stonie)

Matt Stonie Instagram Followers- 365k followers

So go and check Matt Stonie Instagram and YouTube channel.


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