Rainforest Vacation: 5 Key Reasons to Visit the Amazon Rainforest

Rainforest Vacation: 5 Key Reasons to Visit the Amazon Rainforest

Thinking about taking a rainforest vacation? Wondering if a trip to the Amazon rainforest will be worth it? While there are many great travel destinations throughout the world, few beat the sheer beauty of the Amazon rainforest.

A mysterious place full of natural beauty, unusual wildlife, and interesting natives, the Amazon rainforest is well worth visiting at least once in your life.

If you want to learn more about what the Amazon rainforest has to offer, you’re in the right place. Below we’ll tell you about the top 5 reasons you should visit the Amazon rainforest.

  1. Amazing Sights

One of the top reasons to visit the Amazon rainforest is simply because of all of the beautiful sights you’ll see.

Some of the most scenic landscapes, rivers, forests, and mountain peaks are located in the Amazon rainforest which spans across more than half of Peru.

Whether you’re looking up at the Andes mountains, relaxing near stunning waterfalls, or coasting along on a scenic riverboat tour you’ll have plenty to see when visiting the Amazon.

  1. Diverse Wildlife

While the beauty of the natural landscape is not to be scoffed at, also notable is the high amount of species and the¬†diverse wildlife you’ll see when in the Amazon rainforest.

The rainforest hosts the largest number of bird species in the world, big cats such as pumas and jaguars, and monkeys and primates.

Also living in the rainforest are tarantulas, piranhas, and other rare and exotic creatures that are hard to find elsewhere.

  1. Interesting Native Communities

In addition to interesting wildlife, the rainforest is also the host to plenty of interesting natives as well.

While many of the native communities who live in the Amazon and along the river are shy and don’t interact with outsiders much, there will be chances to see and speak to the natives from time to time.

These indigenous communities are located in the Amazon rainforest and are well worth visiting if you want to learn about their unique way of life.

  1. Exotic Cuisine

If you love to travel for the taste of exotic food you likely won’t be disappointed in the cuisine that’s available in the Peruvian rainforest.

Peruvian food is something that you must have at least once in your life and your taste buds will be ablaze as your experience some of the local treats and dishes.

While the Amazon rainforest is home to many fruits you may be familiar with such as bananas, coconut, and starfruit, others will be completely foreign to you and you’ll have a great time giving them all a try.

  1. Unique Cultural Sites

While the nature and wildlife in the rainforest are what attracts many people to visit, it’s important to know that there are plenty of great cultural sites to visit in the area as well.

The most notable of these is the famous Macchu Picchu that is located in the Andes mountains.

Also amazing is that over half of the Peruvian UNESCO World Heritage sites are located in the rainforest.

Plenty of cultural sites are around for you to visit to learn about the history of the region and its people.

Making the Choice to Take a Rainforest Vacation

While an Amazon rainforest vacation seems like it may be more hype than substance, the truth is that it has a lot to offer anyone who dares to visit.

A trip to the rainforest will be a trip of a lifetime and if anything mentioned above interests you, it may be time to start planning your trip.

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