Real Estate Expert: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Expert: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Choosing which home to purchase is a heavy decision. You do not want to carry that weight alone in the sea of real estate options or else you may drown.

You need a real estate expert to help you navigate the entire process. How do you choose the right agent?

5 Tips From a Real Estate Expert

With over a million real estate agents running around, choosing the one for you can seem daunting. Read on to learn how to choose a real estate agent for selling your home and buying another.

  1. Learn More About Them as an Agent

Before jumping into anything, you want to know their history. Real estate questions to ask include:

How Experienced Are You?

New does not necessarily mean bad. When just starting, you get that new excitement from them and sometimes a savage hunger to succeed.

But, you may also deal with the learning process. This might mean finding yourself in frustrating situations because the agent missed something important.

If you need to sell or buy a home quickly, you want things to run smoothly. You may want somebody with more experience in a pinch situation.

What Marketing Tools Do You Utilize?

Selling a home requires skilled marketing. If an agent simply lists your home in a penny saver, you may wait a while for a buyer.

Work with somebody who actively markets. This looks like: data analysis; avenues that help find smart home investments; strategic planning with an A, B, and C; and partnerships with brokers and landlords to establish good relations.

How Long Do You Typically Work With Buyers?

The answer to this question will tell you whether they work for you or work when they want to. Some markets make it tough to buy or sell a home

Some homes may sell in days while others in months. But, if the agent averages working with clients for more than 6 months per home, then find somebody who can better serve you.

  1. Check Their Social Media

You may feel a little awkward connecting with this near-stranger on social media. But, good agents will welcome this as they know the importance of networking and marketing with this tool.

Watch what they post. The frequency of pictures showing new home buyers/sellers holding a sign can clue you into how often they actually succeed.

  1. Choose Somebody You Like

You will spend a great deal of time communicating and meeting with your real estate agent. So, you want to like this person. If you find them annoying, arrogant, or rude, then this can make your buying or selling experience feel like a nightmare.

  1. Test Their Availability

Test your agent’s availability by making a couple of calls during notoriously inconvenient times. This may seem rude, but it will cue you in on whether or not they see you as a priority and if your schedules will ever match.

When you call, do they usually pick up? If not, how long does it take them to call back?

Some hungry agents will call you on a bathroom break from showing another listing. You want them because they want to succeed at your common goal badly.

  1. Get Referrals

You want an agent you can trust. Your interest and their interest may appear the same, but it does not perfectly line up.

Realtors naturally want the sale that will make them the most money in the least amount of time. If you feel this from them by the way they push against your preferences or seem sharkish, then run.

A bad agent may push you into a home you do not love or make you spend more or lose money on a home. A great agent, like Joe Manausa Real Estate, will work with your interest in mind.

Start Your Agent Search Today

Find a true real estate expert to help you with your real estate venture. Interview a few agents to find one you like and trust, and who makes you feel important.

Whether you are selling or buying your home, we want to help keep you informed. Research more about real estate on our website.


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