Set Sail: 3 Best Places to Go on a Cruise

Set Sail: 3 Best Places to Go on a Cruise

Flying is an awesome experience, but taking a cruise ship takes vacationing to the next level. Find out here the three best places to take a cruise.

More than 28 million people took a cruise last year. They have become one of the most popular ways to vacation and can provide the perfect activities for almost everyone.

You can eat incredible food 24/7, you can relax in the hot tub or pool, some even offer waterslides, rock walls, minigolf, and incredible entertainment or fun activities to have fun whenever you want however you want.

It’s not just everything they have to offer onboard a cruise, there’s all that you can see in port and the breathtaking sights throughout the journey as well.

But where are the best places to take a cruise?

Keep reading for the best places to take a cruise and why each one made the list.

  1. Hawaii

A Hawaii cruise can be so much more than you think. It isn’t just sailing by islands and eating all day long. A Hawaiin cruise should really be on everyone’s bucket list.

There are options to leave from Canada, mainland USA, or to take one leaving from Honolulu. Each offering an adventure and vacation of a lifetime.

Elegant restaurants, unparalleled photography opportunities, and the ultimate time to relax and unwind from the stresses of life while winning some money in the ship casino.

  1. The Galapagos Islands

This truly is a unique experience as you’ll see plants, animals, and sights you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Some creatures found only here include:

  • Galapagos sea lions
  • Galapagos fur seals
  • Rice rats
  • 2 kinds of bats
  • Galapagos land iguanas and marine iguanas
  • Darwin finches
  • Galapagos giant tortoises
  • Blue-footed boobies
  • Flightless cormorants

In fact,  80% of the birds, more than 90% of the land mammals and reptiles and at least 30% of plant life found in the Galapagos Islands are unique to this area.

  1. The Caribbean

Whether you are looking to soak up the sun and enjoy laying on some of the world’s best beaches before a romantic dinner, or you’re making incredible memories with the whole family, the Caribbean is the perfect place to make everyone happy.

There are gorgeous beaches, fun and exciting excursions, entertainment and fun activities on board the ship and more food than you’ve ever seen in your life.

So it’s the perfect place to cruise if you’re a foodie looking to try new foods or parents surprising the kids with a chance to swim with the dolphins you’ll have a great time on a cruise to the Caribbean.

You also have the choice of the west or east Caribbean ports so don’t have to worry about seeing everything in one trip.

In fact, there is so much to enjoy in the Caribbean that you won’t be crossing it off your list because you’ll want to return over and over again.

The Best Places to Take a Cruise are Limitless

This is our list of the top three best places to take a cruise but in all honesty, it could be limitless.

There are cruises to Asia, Alaska, the Bahamas, The Riviera and so many more places that each offer their own special and amazing experiences just waiting for you.

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