Stamen Grigorov: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Stamen Grigorov: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Stamen Grigorov is the Bulgarian specialist and researcher who found Lactobacillus bulgaricus, a sort of bacterium used to make yogurt. Grigorov is commended in the October 27 Google Doodle.

The doodle celebrates what might have been Grigorov’s 142nd birthday, as per Google’s blog. As indicated by the blog, Grigorov was brought into the world in a town named Studen Izvor in the western piece of Bulgaria.

Grigorov was brought into the world in 1878, soon after Bulgaria acquired freedom from the Ottoman Empire, and kicked the bucket in 1945, not long before Bulgaria turned into a satellite condition of the Soviet Union.

This is what you really want to know:

1. Grigorov Went on to Work on the Fight Against Tuberculosis

Dr. Stamen Grigorov

Following his yogurt revelation, Grigorov proceeded to fill in as the central doctor at the primary medical clinic in the city of Thun in Bulgaria. In 1906, Grigorov distributed a paper recording the utilization of penicillin parasites against tuberculosis.

A Bulgaria Radio element on Grigorov said “an odd conversion of occasions” prompted Grigorov not being credited with building up the tuberculosis antibody. The immunization is commonly credited to Camille Guerin and Albert Calmette. As indicated by the report, Grigorov didn’t accept his credit on the grounds that there was no Bulgarian clinical organization with enough ability to help his discoveries.

2. Grigorov’s Hometown of Studen Izvor Is the Home of the World’s Only Museum of Yogurt

Grigorov accepted his doctorate from the Medical University of Geneva in Switzerland and later worked at the school as an examination colleague. In 1905, subsequent to getting an endowment of some Bulgarian yogurt from his better half not long after their marriage, he chose to concentrate on the substance because of its rumored medical advantages. As indicated by a BBC include on Bulgarian yogurt, Grigorov utilized a run of the mill pot from his country known as a “rukatka.” Grigorov’s discoveries prompted Bulgarian yogurt turning out to be without question “stylish” during the 1920s and ‘30s.

It was Grigorov who found the microorganism that made the yogurt. The bar molded microorganism would proceed to be named Lactobacillus bulgaricus to pay tribute to Grigorov’s country.

The Museum of Yogurt was set up in his old neighborhood of Studen Izvor in 2007. The gallery is a changed over nineteenth century home from the hour of Grigorov’s introduction to the world and incorporates reports and data with respect to Grigorov’s life. The name of Grigorov’s old neighborhood means English as “Chilly Spring.”

3. Grigorov Served as a Medical Officer During World War 1

A Not Even Past include on Grigorov and the historical backdrop of yogurt itemized that Grigorov served in the Bulgarian armed force in World War 1. Grigorov was enlisted as a clinical official.

In the conflict, Bulgaria battled in favor of Germany, Austro-Hungaria and Turkey. In excess of 75,000 Bulgarian warriors were lost in the conflict.

4. Grigorov Has a Glacier Named His Honor in Antarctica

Grigorov Glacier

An ice sheet in Antarctica known as the Grigorov Glacier is named for the renowned Bulgarian specialist. The icy mass is 1.1 miles long and just shy of 1 mile in width. As per the Australian government’s site, the glacial mass was named in June 2010. The icy mass is situated on the Albena Peninsula on Brabant Island in the Palmer Archipelago.

Grigorov is one of in excess of 300 clinical experts who have icy masses named in their honor in Antarctica.

5. A Link Was Later Discovered Between Bulgarian’s Longevity and Their Consumption of Yogurt

Russian Ilya Mechnikov concentrated on Grigorov’s revelations and revealed a connection between the measure of yogurt devoured by Bulgarian laborers and the length of their lives, as indicated by In an investigation of 37 nations, Mechnikov found that a greater number of individuals lived to be more seasoned than 100 in Bulgaria than some other country. Mechnikov found that the proteolytic microorganisms that causes maturing in the entrail was smothered by the substance of yogurt.

From that point forward, yogurt has been connected to the impression of disease, lower cholesterol and the decrease of undesirable microscopic organisms.


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