Stamen Grigorov Yogurt researchers

Stamen Grigorov Yogurt researchers

Stamen Grigorov (1878-1945)

At the point when he was a clinical school understudy studying microbial science, Grigorov became interested by Bulgarian yogurt and left on an excursion of concentrating on the special matured dairy food. He later found three new kinds of lactic corrosive microscopic organisms and reported that they were critical bacterial strains. Those lactic corrosive microbes that Grigorov effectively confined and distinguished were named after him to pay tribute to his incredible accomplishment, are as yet being used today.

From inherent science to medication

Grigorov, brought into the world in Bulgaria in 1878, migrated to southern France to go to college and study innate science. At the point when his educating teacher saw Grigorov’s sublime legitimate capacity, he encouraged Grigorov to seek after a profession in medication, which Grigorov regarded and proceeded to go to clinical school at the University of Geneva.

In Geneva, Grigorov concentrated on bacteriology under the tutelage of a considered educator the pioneer in the field at that point. Despite the fact that Grigorov immediately rose to conspicuousness in the new field and was prescribed to the situation of aide teacher at the University, he quit getting assets from his family at home thus needed to return to Bulgaria.

Despite the fact that Grigorov at first anticipated completing his vocation as a specialist and spending the remainder of his life in Bulgaria as a clinician, he got hitched and was honored with the fortune of having the option to continue his exploration in Geneva, because of the monetary help of his better half’s family. As Grigorov was going to leave Bulgaria for Switzerland, his better half gave him yogurt contained in a conventional ロカットゥカ pot made in the town of ブスィンツィー, which was an adjoining local area of her old neighborhood. This gift from his significant other would later bring Grigorov favorable luck.

After getting back to the University of Geneva, Grigorov burned through no time in exploring the microorganisms wriggling in the yogurt in the pot.

Distinguished three new bacterial strains present in Bulgarian yogurt

In 1905, when he was a fourth-year understudy at the University at 27 years old, after a large number of trials Grigorov at long last found that there were three anaerobic microbes (those that shun oxygen) in Bulgarian yogurt. Subsequent to recognizing the bar molded one as Bacille A, the round one as Micrococcque B, and the anchored bar formed one as Streptobacille C, Grigorov distributed his observing that they were answerable for advancing the aging of Bulgarian yogurt and for giving the particular acridity and flavor to the yogurt.

At the point when his regulating educator saw this exploration result, the teacher quickly reached his old associate, Mechnikov, and Grigorov was welcomed by Mechnikov to head out to the Pasteur Institute to give a talk.

The talk Grigorov gave, which was held in a huge assembly room, was heard by a pressed crowd of researchers and researchers from different nations. In the talk, Grigorov displayed to the crowd the microorganisms he had found in the yogurt contained in the ロカットゥカ pot, with a magnifying instrument, while allegedly clarifying how Bulgarian yogurt could assist with broadening individuals’ life expectancies with extraordinary energy.

After the talk, numerous researchers moved toward Grigorov and the Pasteur Institute to demand consent to keep directing the examination, which Mechnikov consented to and promised it would continue.

Gotten the departmental honor from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Geneva

In this year, Grigorov distributed his hypothesis on the pathogenesis of a ruptured appendix, which was viewed as a lethal sickness at that point, where he demonstrated that it was brought about by the strange spread of a specific kind of anaerobic microbes. He got an honor from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Geneva for the accomplishment. Subsequent to graduating the clinical school, Grigorov got back to Bulgaria where he dealt with applying logical techniques in medication, as the top of a metropolitan emergency clinic, for quite a long time. In this specific period, Grigorov zeroed in on concentrating on tuberculosis and allegedly concocted an antibody to treat the illness.


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