Did Stacy Wilson murderer escape from this bus Crime Scene

Did Stacy Wilson murderer escape from this bus Crime Scene

On December 11th, 2006, Stacy Wilson was horrifically attacked & beheaded at a crowded bus depot in St. Vincent, a scenic Caribbean Island. Although this horrific true crime had many witnesses, this grisly murder case is comparatively unknown. There are only a couple of facts revealed to the general public and countless questions left unanswered.

Let’s check out the facts we do know.

Stacy Wilson’s death

Wilson was only twenty-one years old and returning home from her job as a hospital hotel desk clerk . Witnesses state that they saw the assailant, Sean Samuel, trailing behind Wilson at the Kingston stop .

Shortly after, Samuel dragged Wilson off the bus. Wilson tried to cover underneath the bus in search of refuge from Samuel. Yet, as she attempted to flee , Samuel stop her right with a machete. Terrified onlookers watched in shock as Samuel pulled her out from under the bus and commenced to behead the victim, which took numerous strikes. Samuel delayed Wilson’s decapitated head before throwing it to the bottom .

There was no time for Samuel to flee the scene. Swiftly, the police arrived and arrested Sean Samuel, but it had been too late for Stacy Wilson. Witnesses reported the killer bowed his head and saluted to the police before he was restrained.
When the police arrived, the victim’s head and right were found roughly fifteen feet faraway from her body.

Samuel, who was in his thirties, was sentenced to life in prison. He had avoided the execution thanks to his longstanding psychological state is

Various witness reports & claims

The case was quickly closed since Samuel was caught within the act. However, many facts like possible motives have remained unsolved.

Some witnesses claimed Samuel was making romantic advances to Stacy Wilson, which she continuously rejected. Outraged, Samuel committed his terrible crime. There are even some reports of Samuel having appeared at Wilson’s place of labor where she had repeatedly asked him to go away . However, this claim hasn’t been verified.

One bystander claimed Samuel even kissed Stacy Wilson’s decapitated head before throwing it to the bottom .

Numerous people were witness to the crime at the bus depot . As a result, many graphic photos were taken of Wilson’s headless body and her detached parts. These photos stirred online true crime communities and gore fans alike. However, the victim’s family has repeatedly asked for all photographs of Stacy Wilson taken after the crime at the stop to prevent being circulated.


Beheadings in St. Vincent

Despite the tiny island’s population of 110,000this is often hardly the primary beheading crime within the Caribbean city.

In 2003, the headless body of Albert Browne was found on the mountain near alittle village within the southern St. Vincent region of Marriqua. Browne’s head was later found buried during a shallow hole which was 300 feet faraway from his body.

Although the murderer was convicted and died in 2009the small print of the crime are largely unknown. At the time, this was considered the worst crime within the small island’s history.

Samuel’s sister also convicted of murder

Sean Samuel’s sister, Rosetta Samuel, had horrifically killed her family on April 15th 2013 in Brooklyn, New Yorkthereon Monday, Rosetta Samuel shot her boyfriend, her infant son, then finally herself. Her eldest son, Dondre Samuel, escaped during the shooting by jumping through the window.

Rosetta Samuel was a replacement York City policeman . She had left a suicide note explaining to Dondre that she killed his brother so as to alleviate the “burden” of caring for him.

Rosetta Samuel’s motive is usually unknown, however, some believe it had been thanks to her boyfriend’s potential infidelity. The case was closed thanks to the killer’s suicide.

On Wednesday October 15th, 2008, a jury unanimously voted that Sean Samuel was guilty.

The gruesome murder of Stacy Wilson has become relatively unknown to the general public . Yet, the crime remains haunting & traumatizing to those that witnessed the attack at the Kingston bus termina


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