Your Heavy-Lifting Guide: How to Choose an Industrial Forklift

Your Heavy-Lifting Guide: How to Choose an Industrial Forklift

According to OSHA, around 75% of all workplace back injuries happen as a result of workers doing heavy-lifting tasks. If you’re looking to help employees avoid injuries, consider getting an industrial forklift to help lift objects so they don’t have to do it through sheer manpower.

But, how do you choose the best forklift for your needs? You’ve come to the right place for help.

Read through this short guide to learn about the most important things to consider when choosing an industrial forklift for your workplace.

New vs Used

First up, think about whether you need a brand new forklift or if a used one will work. If you’re working with a tight budget, buying a used model can help you save money, especially if you’re not sure how often you’ll use it.

However, new forklifts generally come with a warranty, which can also be attractive. It’s worth looking through different forklift brands to get a better sense of the different models available to you and then you can price them out based on new and used models from there.


Next, think about your workspace. Will you need to navigate the forklift through tight aisles and sharp corners? If so, then you should prioritize looking for a smaller and more maneuverable model. If you have a large space, on the other hand, you can look at bigger options that might better fit your needs.

Forklift Size

In addition to maneuverability, you also need to consider how big your forklift should be. If you plan to use it outside, then you can look at bigger, more powerful models that you wouldn’t be able to use indoors.

You’ll also need to consider the maximum height you’ll need to reach with the machine. Before you make a purchase, measure your workspace and note the measurements of the heights you’ll need to be able to reach. Then, choose a model that can accommodate that.

Lift Capacity

Now, it’s time to think about what you actually plan to lift. Different forklift models are able to handle different weights and you don’t want to accidentally buy something that can’t handle the load. Before you start shopping, try to have a ballpark weight in mind that your forklift will need to handle. Then, you can narrow down your search from there.

Keep in mind that generally, the higher the lift capacity of a forklift, the more expensive it will be, so you may need to adjust your budget expectations accordingly.


Finally, think about which type of fuel will work best for your needs. While there are some forklift battery options available, other models use gasoline, propane, or diesel fuel to operate. If you’re planning to use it in a smaller, enclosed space, then you’ll want to stay away from big gas or diesel-powered models since they’ll emit pollution in your workspace.

Time to Buy an Industrial Forklift

Now that you’ve read through this brief guide on what to consider when buying an industrial forklift, you’re ready to make your final decision. As a result, your employees will have an easier time doing their jobs.

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