4 Things To Look For In A Jet Charter Company

4 Things To Look For In A Jet Charter Company

Time is a commodity, and if you run a successful business or are a renowned media personality, your time equals money. Successful individuals with a passion for constantly growing their brand or business do not have the time to wait around at airport terminals to catch their flights. They’d rather spend their worthy time elsewhere being productive and proactive. Hence, private charters have gained immense popularity in recent times.

Private charters offer a luxury travel experience in addition to offering ease, convenience, freedom, and speed. Flying private gives you access to far-off destinations, and allows you to travel at a time that suits your schedule rather than relying on commercial flying schedules. While flying private is all things great, the same cannot be said for all private charter companies. Before choosing a private charter service for yourself, your business associates, or your family, given below are four things you should be considering:

1.Its fleet size and variety

Before choosing a private charter company to fly with, you must shortlist companies based on their fleet size and variety. You wouldn’t want to be spending thousands of dollars flying private on an old and outdated jet.

Be sure to choose an agency that maintains a range of top-notch jets such as the Cirrus Vision Jet which is currently a top-of-the-line aircraft, and can accommodate several destinations and a varying number of passengers. The agency’s fleet size would also determine the demand that it can meet, and help you assess its position on long-haul flights and far-off destinations.

2.Its staff and employees

When choosing an agency to fly with, be sure to pay attention to its staff and employees. Top-notch private jet agencies should have an array of professionals and executives that are masters of their craft and strive for excellence daily.

Make the sentence read 

Top-notch world’s fastest private jet agencies should have an array of professionals and executives that are masters of their craft and strive for excellence daily.

Starting from boarding and to landing, every step you take towards or on your private charter should be full of comfort, and this can only be achieved if your chosen agency has well-trained and dedicated employees.

3.Its safety certifications

When choosing an agency to fly privately, you should be sure to select one that has a history of safety and security. Before choosing an agency, ask them for their ARG/US certification. Choose an agency that has a Platinum rating in ARG/US as this is the highest level of rating awarded to those who pass the authority’s on-site safety audit.

Also, check when the last Department of Defense audit was conducted on your shortlisted agency, and how frequently these audits are conducted. You must choose an agency with strict safety protocols and regulations to ensure your and your fellow passengers’ safety.

4.Its services and facilities

The agency you choose should have robust services and facilities for its passengers. For instance, the most basic and essential facility that an agency should have is in-house resources for repair jobs.

The repair team for your chosen agency should have enough resources to repair and replenish any aircraft works and should have the required expertise to do so. If an agency relies on external teams for its repair works, it is a sign that the agency doesn’t have the human resources and assets that it should, and is considerably inexperienced.


Being able to fly privately is a blessing, and if you do have the pockets to spend on private charters, be sure to do so while paying utter consideration to the agency you choose to fly with. While choosing an agency, take the above-mentioned tips into account to shortlist and select the best possible agency for a seamless experience.


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