8 Cool Fence Ideas to Enclose Your Property With Style

8 Cool Fence Ideas to Enclose Your Property With Style

Do you like spending some time outside your home, especially when the weather is right?

Going swimming or hanging out with your family and friends on your patio is a great way to spend your day. However, if you don’t install a good fence around your property, spending time outside will be more of a nightmare than a relaxing activity.

Installing the right fence on your property is the key to creating privacy and establishing the proper boundaries. You need the right fence design to protect your property and add beauty to your home.

Below are eight cool fence ideas you should consider:

  1. White Picket Vinyl Fence

A white picket fence is a typical suburban neighborhood fence that was famous in the 1950s.

The fence is a classic, and most people prefer it to other types of fences because it radiates a sense of openness and friendliness that’s primarily associated with the early 1950s becoming a symbol of the suburbs.

The only difference with today’s white picket fence is that people can use vinyl as the primary material. Vinyl is easier to clean and maintain compared to wood.

  1. Segmented Gabion Fence

Are you considering constructing a retaining wall for privacy reasons?

A gabion wall is one of the cheapest ways to build this wall. However, landscapers discovered that using gabion segments create an aesthetically pleasing, tall, and private fence.

Segmented gabion fences will add some texture and interesting aesthetics to an otherwise boring and plain fence. It can also act as a privacy fence, protecting your homestead from prying eyes.

  1. Low Height Iron and Wooden Fence

Do you have a small front or back yard, but you’re unsure how best to fence it?

Small spaces can be very challenging to install a fence, especially if you don’t have the right inspiration. But with low-height iron and wooden fences, it’s easy to create a boundary between you and your neighbors.

Additionally, these fences are small, look great and provide you with a safe space for your pets and children to play. This fence will transform your outdoor space, giving your property the facelift it needs.

  1. Wooden Bollard or Post Fence

One of the coolest fence ideas is installing a bollard fence. These fences are attractive for numerous reasons. Not only do they allow plenty of sunshine and air to flow through, but they also look classy and sophisticated.

If you’re looking for the best fence to improve your outdoor aesthetics, then installing a bollard fence is a great idea.

Another advantage of these fences is that they allow smaller animals such as bunnies and squirrels to pass through. This is great for homeowners who like smaller wildlife perusing through the backyard.

However, smaller puppies and cats can also pass through if you’re not careful. You might want to consider your pets before installing the fence.

  1. Corrugated Metal Fence

Most people don’t like the idea of corrugated metal fences because they look unattractive and shabby. However, you can always make it interesting by framing it with stained wood. Corrugated metal fences framed with stained wood could be an excellent fencing idea if you like a more natural look on your property.

Additionally, corrugated metal is more of a privacy fence, giving you ample protection and privacy from your neighbors. You can also add extra details such as wooden flat top rails to marry the whole design.

  1. Modest Bamboo Plank Fence

A bamboo plank fence will give your property a natural yet classy look. This simple fence is also relatively inexpensive to build. However, it looks like a lot of effort and resources went into building it.

When installing a bamboo plank fence, ensure you also seal the bamboo slats to protect your fence from climatic elements such as rain and too much sunlight. This will ensure that the fence lasts longer, preventing the risk of cracking and rotting. Sealing will also protect the bamboo from ants and moisture.

If you have time, you can even choose to grow the bamboo trees yourself. This will be quite satisfying once you see the results.

  1. Stone Fence With Iron and Vinyl Gate

Stone fences offer homesteads more privacy and security compared to other types of fences. Not only do they look natural, but they are also sophisticated and classy. You can build this type of fence using actual stones or even wooden blocks enforced with concrete.

You can also use cinder blocks in the middle then decorate them with cut stones placed on concrete. These cut stones are placed on the outer part of the fence, which mimics the look of a stone fence.

This idea will save you money, time, and energy on labor and transportation of the actual stones. You can also add vinyl and Iron gates to complete the design.

  1. Stained Wood Fence

When selecting the right fencing for your property, ensure you consider wooden fences. Wood is one of the most versatile fence materials, especially when looking to build a privacy fence. The best type of wood to choose is one from trees that are resistant to the elements.

One of the best wood choices for fencing is the western red cedarwood. During the fence installation process, ensure you stain and seal the wood. This will improve the longevity of the fence and enhance its appearance.

The good news is that there are unlimited options when choosing wood stains for your fence. You can choose a stain color that best coordinates your home’s exterior color, outdoor furniture, trees, or garden. Wood stain colors range from red to black.

Now You Know Different Cool Fence Ideas

Now that you know the different cool fence ideas above, it’s time to choose the best fence for your home. Before settling on one particular fence idea, it’s advisable to check your outdoor space and landscaping design and select a fence that best fits the design.

You can also check online for cool privacy fence ideas for your backyard, front yard, or garden fence. Don’t just settle for any fence designs without considering the impact they will have on your property.

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