In Defense of Carpets: Why You Should Still Have Them

In Defense of Carpets: Why You Should Still Have Them

Carpet flooring has gotten a bad rap in interior design in recent years. Here’s why you shouldn’t tear up the rug, and keep carpets in your house!

If you love interior design shows or pay attention to high-end listings in your area, you may have noticed the carpet flooring gets a bad rap nowadays.

It seems like interior designers everywhere are advocating for bare hardwood and tile flooring in every room, from the living room to the bedroom. Just because designers are advocating for cold, hard flooring doesn’t mean that it’s the way to go!

In fact, we believe that carpet flooring is still one of the best home flooring options on the market. Why?

Read on for our wholehearted defense of carpet flooring!

Carpet Flooring Is Comfortable

When you’re at home, you probably like to kick off your shoes and walk around barefoot. While having wood or tile underfoot isn’t the worst feeling in the world, what’s better than feeling that lush pile between your toes?

Plus, in the winter, carpeting provides a ton of benefits like resistance and thermal insulation. Carpet flooring holds onto warm air longer than exposed wood or tile, which means it’s less chilly on your feet. Because of this heat retention, it can actually keep an entire room warmer for longer, which means that you don’t have to crank the heat as high!

Finally, whether you have children or love hosting tons of guests at a time, carpet flooring offers a comfortable place to play, lay around, or sit.

Carpet Flooring Reduces Noise

Homes nowadays are filled with massive sound systems, computers and laptops, televisions, and cellphones. That means that at any given moment, you could have tons of different sources of clashing sounds. Sounds pretty cacophonous, right?

When you have hardwood or tile floors, all of that noise is bouncing around in an echo chamber. Carpeting, on the other hand, will absorb some of that sound, especially if you have a carpet pad between your subfloor and your carpet.

Another benefit of carpet is that it can create a sound barrier between floors. That means that if you’re working downstairs and your kids are running around upstairs, it won’t sound like they’re coming crashing through the ceiling!

Carpets Are Not That Hard to Clean

Part of why carpet flooring gets a bad rap is that it can store a lot of allergens and toxins. It is true that between the things we track in on our shoes and the airborne toxins that settle onto the floor, carpet flooring can trap a lot of irritants. Plus, people worry that their carpets will be covered with stains.

The reality, however, is that cleaning your carpet on a regular basis will eliminate these rumored effects. Vacuuming once a week and hiring carpet cleaning services will ensure that your air quality is in tip-top shape and your carpet looks good as new!

Don’t Rip Up the Rug

Not every trend is worth following. If you love carpet flooring, don’t feel like you have to listen to the interior designers who want exposed hardwood and tile in every room! We believe that there are plenty of reasons to keep that carpet flooring intact.

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