A Few Words About Yogurt – Stamen Grigorov And The Secret Of Natural Yogurt

A Few Words About Yogurt – Stamen Grigorov And The Secret Of Natural Yogurt

There is an inquiry that has tormented mankind since humankind was in a situation to be tormented, and stamen grigorov an inquiry that keeps jaws ceaselessly shrouded in little scratch marks: exactly for what reason are there such countless Bulgarians living to be 100 years of age or more? Indeed, it just so happens, this inquiry shouldn’t need to torment mankind any more extended, for it has very been replied.

The appropriate response, my regarded brethren, is yogurt. It’s just straightforward. I could likely end this section here, and leave everybody protected in the information that eating Bulgarian yogurt implies you’ll live to be old and (assumedly) savvy. Obviously, this isn’t the thing will occur. Who found this reality? What prompted the disclosure? Would i be able to feign my direction through more science? The response to these inquiries is indeed, albeit the real word yes alone answers neither the first nor the subsequent inquiry and I’m no doubt lying about the third.

The man being referred to was a youthful chap called Stamen Grigorov. Stamen was brought into the world on October 27, 1878 in a little town called Studen Izvor (90km or so from Sofia), which interprets as ‘Chilly Spring’ and along these lines sounds monstrously welcoming. Little is had some familiarity with the youth of the fella who might become Dr. Stamen Grigorov, however it is reasonable for expect he had one and that it occurred. His folks? We should accept they existed.

We know something about his tutoring in any case, in that it was in Sofia that our legend went to secondary school prior to winding up whisked away to Montpellier (France) to finish his optional training. A sprouting doctor and microbiologist, Grigorov then, at that point, whisked himself off to Geneva (Switzerland), and it was here that every one he had always wanted would work out as expected. I say this with the understanding that your ordinary microbiologist longs for this kind of stuff.

Under the tutelage of the regarded Professor Léon Massol, Grigorov formed into an amazing understudy and microbiologist. It was a somewhat astonishing time for microbiological revelations and it wouldn’t take well before Grigorov had gotten himself on the microbiological map, should any such guide exist. Around this time the Russian researcher Ilya Mechnikov distributed a paper regarding the matter of maturing, accepting that it would (and ought to) be feasible to fix mankind of going downhill and wrinkly, and some portion of his examination took him to Bulgaria to see the land renowned for its big number of old codgers.

Mechnikov found that the old folks in Bulgaria appeared to be eating yogurt consistently. Did this have something to do with their large number of years? The fates were going to arrange in perfect order for our saint, the respected Gospodin Grigorov.

That man Massol would give the driving force, recommending that Grigorov commit his examinations to the microflora of Bulgarian yogurt (or kiselo mlyako, to give its local term). It is as though Massol knew precisely the thing was going on and was pushing his understudy towards this prize, yet the prize wasn’t by and large close by and it took Grigorov around bleeding ages to hit gold.

He ultimately found a bar that made the milk coagulate, a pole that wasn’t found normally in the human digestive system. This bar some way or another framed settlements in the digestive organs, and furthermore turned out to be the genuine reason for regular yogurt. A name was required obviously, and a name was picked. Step forward Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacillus. Researchers don’t actually comprehend the specialty of appealing names.

Here is a rundown of things I nearly comprehend; Bulgarian yogurt is full to the edge with lactose, proteins and nutrients. The pole that Grigorov found must be found in Bulgaria, as in different environments the microscopic organisms savages and stops to be a thing. The Bulgarian relationship with their yogurt goes right back to some eternity in the past, or as far back as the Thracians to be accurate. Stockbreeders at the time would place sheep’s milk in lambskin sacks around their midriffs during their excursions, for reasons. The very word ‘yogurt’ is thought to get from the Thracian words for ‘thick’ and ‘milk’, a reality that I can neither deny nor demonstrate however will oblige in any case, for the most part since it adds weight to the validity of Bulgarian yogurt.

The principal observable proof of the recuperating properties of the yogurt was found in the stupendous recuperation of King Francis I of France. Blasted with terrible belly bugs, Frank called a Jewish specialist from Constantinople to see what should be possible. The specialist took care of him aged milk-turned-yogurt, and presto, everything was directly with the King’s guts.

This fine Bulgarian yogurt can assist with treating different conditions, among them tuberculosis, ulcers, exhaustion, stomach issues and surprisingly some gynecological issues. It decreases cholesterol, expands calcium and furthermore creates malignant growth smothering mixtures. I’m not a researcher (I’m scarcely an essayist), but rather this extended rundown of nutrients attributed to Bulgarian yogurt unquestionably implies it’s not awful for you. Here we go: B1, B2, C, A, D, E, PP and B12. The vast majority are just truly mindful of nutrients A-D, and surprisingly then in light of Ribena. Apparently this yogurt is preferred for you over Ribena.

Back to Grigorov. He distributed his theory, snappily named ‘Commitment to the Pathogenesis of Appendicitus’ and before long got the title ‘Specialist of Medical Sciences – Bacteriology – Internal and Thoracic Diseases‘. Massol kept in touch with Mechnikov telling him of his understudy and his understudy’s notable revelation, and Grigorov before long turned into a microbiologist popular. He addressed momentarily in Paris, and was offered Massol’s post in Geneva when the extraordinary man punched out, however stamen grigorov declined the position, liking to devote his work and life to his country.

He made a beeline for Bulgaria, where he turned into a locale doctor and the chief of the emergency clinic in the city of Tran, only 15km from the line with Serbia. Of course, he needed lab hardware that wasn’t horrendous, however his thick cerebrum prompted different disclosures. He additionally pinpointed two different microorganisms, Streptobacillus and Streptoccus thermophiles, and he likewise found the principal antibody against tuberculosis.

I favor Ribena.

Stamen additionally played out the obligations of a tactical front specialist in various conflicts, to be specific the Balkan War and World War One. During these struggles stamen grigorov battled the ostensibly really scaring enemy called ‘cholera’ and was compensated with an assortment of awards thus. Grigorov kicked the bucket at the baffling age of 67 on October 27, 1945, as World War Two at last concluded that everybody had sufficiently experienced and left the planet in harmony.

All the more critically, he kicked the bucket on his birthday, placing him allied with Ingrid Bergman and William Shakespeare. Fine organization, anybody would concur. I’m certain both Bergman and Shakespeare partook in the mending advantages of fine Bulgarian yogurt, with the exception of Shakespeare obviously on the grounds that he’s from the long some time in the past.


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