Artist Jason Luv Goes Viral after Going Live

Artist Jason Luv Goes Viral after Going Live

Jason Luv is an upcoming artist, specifically a hip-hop one that originates from Louisiana.

Jason first started performing his songs and covering other popular tracks in various nightclubs in Miami. This is when he realized the potential in his ability to create music. Artist Jason Luv Goes Viral He started to gain a lot of popularity in and around Miami and a lot more music clubs started asking for him.

This was the moment when he understood that he should turn this situation into a career and that is exactly what he did. However, he decided to play it smart. Jason did a lot more than just try to become a one-hit-wonder or to get popular as fast as possible. He believed that he would first need to understand how music is produced so that he could create an original and unique style of music.


That is the reason why he first started working as a producer for other artists and only after that he continued to chase his dream. However, to make a career out of this, Jason believed that he would have to spread his brand a lot wider than just Miami nightclubs. Which is why his first step was to sign a record deal with Interscope Records.

And it looks like Jason Luv did make the right decision in his life because through his tracks, you can see just how lyrically talented he is. He also has a great understanding of other genres and not just blindly dedicated to hip-hop. Acquiring styles from all of these other genres always allows artists to grow and be more creative. In some of his songs, you can even hear some pop, maybe sometimes a bit of EDM and naturally hip-hop too.

While the path to success in the music world is very difficult. If you were to ask any famous rapper about their efforts to become worldwide, they would all tell you it takes a lot of work and a lot of time too. Artist Jason Luv Goes Viral Fortunately for Jason Luv, with a little bit of luck, he managed to speed up the process to success. And here is a story of how that happened.

Tory Lane z broadcasting Quarantine Radio

Jason Luv goes viral by accident. The COVID-19 Pandemic definitely ushered in many surprises for spectators and social media users worldwide. While many citizens were forced to spend the majority of their time at home due to global shelter in place orders, artists and social media influencers had an agenda of their own; using the Quarantine as an opportunity to go Viral.

It’s no secret that DJ Premier and RZA took the cake with their unprecedented 850,000 plus attendees in one Instagram Live session, and although these astronomical statistics were never eclipsed by anyone in the Hip-hop community, there was one artist who took the challenge to new heights; Artist Jason Luv Goes Viral Tory Lane z.

The Toronto-based rapper managed to find comfort in his quarantine setting, Nashville, Tennessee, where he averaged nearly 100,000 viewers each time he broadcasted “Quarantine Radio.” From DMX to Swiss Beats and Alicia Keys, and even the legendary T-Pain, seemingly nearly everyone was featured on Quarantine radio; including Jason Luv, who managed to position his name and brand with the likes of other major artists featured on “Quarantine Radio.”

During his live session, Jason Luv featured his music in the background which instantly caught the attention of viewers and led to an influx in demand for Jason Luv music. His management team reported that after being featured on “Quarantine Radio,” his views and streams rose by 35% percent and even earned them a surprising phone call from

Luckily for Jason Luv, he was able to connect with Lanez before “Quarantine Radio” was reported as inappropriate to Instagram due to explicit sexual behavior share by Tory Lanez female participants.

Jason Luv’s new album will be released in summer 2021 on all streaming platforms. His Hit singles like “Dance The Night Away” “Tik Tok” and “Let’s Go Shopping,” will be on the album. If you want to know more about this upcoming artist, you should check out his Instagram where he has shared about his workout sessions, his love for music, about his lifestyle, health, and about anything else you can think of.

And naturally, you can also find most of his music on Spotify, Google Play, and Apple music.

If you do decide to go and check out his tracks, you will come to the conclusion that he is actually a very flexible and resourceful artist. Jason may have his own style, but he does not limit himself to just one sound. It is obvious that he has had inspiration from dozens of other styles. Artist Jason Luv Goes Viral This is what makes an artist unique.

For now, you won’t be able to find a lot of tracks from Jason Luv because he has released only a couple of singles, but his album is just around the corner like we already mentioned. I believe that many people are waiting for the summer of 2021 to come because that is when the album releases.

Although, even though his album is still not released and he only has a couple of singles, Jason has been working with and creating music for the past five years or more. I think it is safe to say that he has a lot of experience in this area and probably has tons of tracks that have never been released before. Believe it or not, but while Jason was living in Miami, he managed to record his first track in the same studio that was used by Bad Bunny and Pitbull. I bet that sharing the same recording studio with someone so successful does have some kind of meaning.

Whether we will ever hear them or not, we can never know. But, this experience he has accumulated shows a promising album in the summer of 2021. Assuming that you will go check out his music, I would recommend listening to “Tik Tok” and “Let’s Go Shopping” since they are my personal favorite.



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