Global December Holidays 2021-2022: A Complete List

Global December Holidays 2021-2022: A Complete List

Well, the word festival itself brings joy and fun to Global December Holidays 2021 when it is spelled and heard. Several religions are followed by different people residing in different parts of the world. The number of festivals celebrated globally is very high.

Every month there are several festivals celebrated but the month of December has a special significance as it has numerous important events and festivals celebrated all over the world. December is the last month of the calendar year so people are more excited to end the year joyfully.

List for the December Global Holidays 2021:

There’s no need to say, how people enjoy festival holidays. Moreover, festivals are celebrated throughout the years all over the world. Here, we have enlisted the different holidays enjoyed globally in the month of December 2021.

Take a look, and be prepared to celebrate along with your loved ones.

  • December 1st – National day of the United Arab Emirates and World AIDS Day in all countries.
  • December 4th – Farmer’s Day in Ghana
  • December 6th – Independence Day of Finland and Constitution Day in Spain
  • December 7th – King Bhumibol’s Birthday celebrated in Thailand
  • December 10th – Celebrated as Thailand’s Constitution Day
  • December 12th – Celebrated as Virgin Day of Guadalupe in Mexico
  • December 13th – Republic day of Malta
  • December 16th – Victory Day in Bangladesh and Day of Reconciliation in South Africa
  • December 18th – Celebrated as Qatar’ National Day
  • December 24th – Christmas Eve in various countries and Independence Day of Libya
  • December 25th – Christmas Day in various countries and Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Pakistan
  • December 26th – Boxing Day in various Countries and Independence and Unity Day in Slovenia
  • December 29th – Unduvap Full Moon Poya in Sri Lanka
  • December 30th – Rizal Day in the Philippines
  • December 31st – New Year’s Eve in Various Countries

List of Religious holidays in December 2021:

This section covers the different religious holidays in December 2021 in different parts of the world.

  • November 28th to December 6th – Hannukah, an eight-day Jewish festival celebrating the story of miraculous provision.
  • December 6th- St. Nicholas Da, celebrated in honor of St. Nicholas of Myra who gave all of his money to the needy people.
  • December 13th – Santa Lucia, a tribute to Lucia of Syracuse, celebrated in Scandinavia and Italy
  • December 21st – Yule, a holiday for paying tribute to the Norse god Odin, celebrated by German communities all over the world.
  • December 25th – Christmas, Celebrated worldwide to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • December 26th to January 1st – Kwanzaa, a seven-day African holiday celebrating their African values and heritage.
  • December 31st – Omisaka, the Japanese tradition of welcoming the New Year with family and friends.

Details of a few December Global Holidays: 

Each festival has some special significance for its celebration, usually, people tend to celebrate these festivals as a token of love and a moment to share love between their loved ones.

Here are the lists of some of the most celebrated festivals in December all over the world:

1. St. Nicholas Day: 

This day is celebrated on 6th December every year in honor of St. Nicholas who gave away all his belongings and money to the needy people around him. He dedicated his life to serving and caring for the sick and suffering people.

People celebrate this day by sharing chocolates, candies, letters, gifts, riddles, etc. doing so; bringing them enormous joy and happiness. Children set out their shoes with carrots hoping that St. Nicholas will exchange those for treats and gifts. This festival is celebrated in different parts of Greece and Russia.

2. Hannukah: 

This is an eight-day long festival that starts on the 25th day of the month of Kislev as per the Hebrew calendar. This festival is redirected to celebrate the second temple of Jeruselum post the Maccabean revolt. It is also known as Chanukah, Feast of Dedication, Chanukkah, Festival of Lights, a Jewish festival, or Feast of Maccabees.

During this festival people light the menorah at is a special type of candle holder for continuous eight days. They chant the Judaic blessings while lighting the candles. They eat oil-dried fruits like potato pancakes known as latkes, jam-filled donuts known as sufganiyot as popular Hannukah customs.

3. Yule: 

This festival is celebrated by the German people all over the world for paying tribute to the Norse god Odin. This festival falls within the Winter Solstice and is one of the most popular and oldest winter celebrations.

During this festival, people light a huge log in the bonfire and spend the long night outdoors. Some of them build a Yule altar and Yule wreath as a part of the tradition. They have candlelit dinners and exchange nature-based gifts with family and friends.

4. Christmas: 

It is one of the most awaited festivals of the year for the kids. The different ways in which this Christmas festival is celebrated include Father Christmas or Santa Claus leaving gifts for all, attending church services on Christmas day, singing Carols, Decorating Christmas trees, exchanging gifts, enjoying Christmas buffet, or pot luck meal, etc. This festival is now celebrated in most countries even by the non-Catholic population.

5. Kwanzaa: 

This is a weeklong celebration that begins from 26th December and continues till 1st January. It is celebrated by the people belonging to the African-American culture. During this festival, people wear traditional African clothes. The people celebrate St. Lucia’s day with the eldest one in the family wearing white clothes.

They have baked goods like ginger biscuits and saffron bread with coffee as a tradition. The people decorate their houses with fruits and vegetables and light the special type of candle holder call as Kinara.

6. Omisaka: 

This festival is celebrated by Japanese people for welcoming the New Year. People purify their homes by cleaning and removing the last year’s clutter. They have a giant feast of Japanese traditional food with their family and friends.

December Global holidays and festivities in 2022

The year 2022 is about to begin and here is the list of global holidays and festivities for December 2022 so that people can plan their holidays, trips, or vacations well in advance with their near and dear ones. The list of global holidays for December 2022 includes:

  • December 4th – Celebrated as the Second Sunday in Advent (a time of expectant waiting)
  • December 8th – Celebrated as the Immaculate Conception
  • December 11th – Celebrated as the Third Sunday in Advent (a time of expectant waiting)
  • December 18th – Celebrated as the Fourth Sunday in Advent (a time of expectant waiting)
  • December 21st – Celebrated as the Winter Solstice and Winter (UTC)
  • December 25th – Celebrated as the Western Christmas
  • December 26th – Celebrated as Boxing Day also known as Saint Stephen’s Day
  • December 31st – Celebrated as the Western New Year’s Eve

Knowing the dates of the festivities and global holidays in advance will help in the efficient planning of the vacation to spend some quality time with family and friends. December global holidays are the best time that all people can together to celebrate this festive mood. Knowing the dates beforehand makes the planning easier.

Summing it up

December month is filled with festivals and a lot of global holidays. To be frank, December month usually known as year-end is the perfect time to spend your lovely moment with your loved ones or family members.

If you planning for a family outing during the festival holidays make sure you do advance booking for any destination. By doing so, you can avail so many advantages like hassle-free booking on the loved destination, finding comfortable accommodation and also helps you do to economic bookings.

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