Exclusive Interview: Meet Nahla Monroe, Your Favorite Inked Muscle Goddess

Exclusive Interview: Meet Nahla Monroe, Your Favorite Inked Muscle Goddess

Nahla Monroe is an Entrepreneur, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Fitness Coach and Professional Fitness Model.

Aside from her professional career in Technology that she absolutely loves, her personal focus since January 2020 has been to establish and grow her online image and brand: Nahla Monroe.

This fitness influencer has over 240,000 followers on instagram and is popular for her exclusive Onlyfans experience.

We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Nahla Monroe about her views, career, skin care routine and tattoos.

Can you tell us more about yourself and what you do?

“After many years in the health and fitness industry and being part of the “OG #fitchick Instagram” influencer group, I continued to evolve and elevate my brand and honed-in on my goal of sharing the ultimate “Nahla Experience” with my amazingly loyal fan-base that I truly love and cherish! I just want to authentically express myself and I bring it many ways baby!”

How do you best express yourself and represent your brand online?

“I invested a lot of energy in designing and building my own website that I am super proud of. My ultimate objective with this website was to have more autonomy and control around forming my unique image and what I offer. Coming from a technology background, I definitely wanted to ensure I was offering a way for people to experience more of me; whether it was through Member Subscriptions, an array of unique services and branded merchandise!

How did you get into Onlyfans?

“I started Onlyfans 3 years ago when it was fresh on the scene! Followers and fans were suggesting that I create an Onlyfans profile as I have so much exclusive content. I share most of it on the mainstream social media platforms. Most influencers don’t realize that having an evolving and well-rounded digital strategy is critical to exposure, growth and revenue (be aware that each social media platform serves a unique purpose). So, having a subscription-based platform was a natural evolution to allow me to express myself more freely!”

Is there anything that you stand for strongly?

“Confidence. It’s such an over-used, under-valued noun! What I have learned over time is that a confident woman knows what her strengths are. I take time not to just polish my outside appearance and image, but to build my competence, knowledge and interests. I nurture my inner world, I make it a habit to self-reflect and improve and I believe in my abilities to create my own circumstances. When you are filled with self-love, you make better decisions!”

Can you tell us more about what your tattoos mean?

“My tribal tattoos symbolise the past and future directions in life! My kanji reads “Goddess in Motion”. Most importantly, my three children’s names! And, of course I am sure there is more ink to come!”

Do you have any upcoming projects that we should look out for?

“Yes, I have released a 2021 Uncensored Calendar, which includes photos and a centerfold way too hot for social media!  My other main project is continuously building more functionality into my website – I have added a “Members Area” to my website along with free access to unseen content – My goal is to own, control and dictate the content I share and who I share it with!”

Is there anyone that you admire as a role model?

“There isn’t a specific individual – it’s more around the character, values and what that “model” represents as an inspirational ideal to me. Someone that inspires me to imitate their behavior or fuels my energy from their successes. Role models can change daily so it’s really about what that person does that influences your life and allows you to become more successful.”

Is having a skin care regime important to you?

“For me, skin care is so critical – it’s not as simple as drinking water, getting adequate rest and washing your face. The reality is, to have glowing skin from the inside out, you need to have a daily skin care routine that includes proper nutrition, supplements, topical serums, laser treatments, sunscreen and more – you can find my “Stay Gorgeous, Fit & Glowing” Guide on my website!”

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