How to Keep Your Car Looking Its Best

How to Keep Your Car Looking Its Best

According to Edmunds the condition of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle affect your car’s true market value.

Taking the time for interior and exterior car maintenance will have lasting effects on its value.

Read this information on how to keep your car looking its best!

Clean the Inside First

It’s important to clean the interior of your vehicle before the exterior.

Dust on the interior of your vehicle will transfer to the exterior as you wipe the dust off hard surfaces, remove floor mats, and vacuum.

After you remove all garbage, items, and floor mats from your car work from the top down.

Hard Surfaces

Clean all the dust off hard surfaces. Using spray-on products specifically designed for plastic and rubber surfaces will help them repel dirt longer and prevent wear.

Cleaning Seats

Vacuum your seats, including crevices. Vacuuming instead of wiping prevents dirt and other debris from scratching or roughing up your interior.

Treat your upholstery with the appropriate type of cleaner.

If your upholstery is vinyl, the same type of spray-on cleaner for plastics and rubber surfaces will help restore gloss and prevent drying, cracking, or fading.

For leather seats, apply a leather restoring cream with a clean terrycloth towel. Use a cotton swab for both the leather and vinyl upholsteries to help clean cracks and crevices.

Fabric seats can be cleaned with any standard upholstery cleaner.

Clean the Carpeting

Next, you should vacuum and shampoo the carpeting. A foam-based carpet cleaner works well for vehicle interiors. You can spot clean if it’s not too bad, but don’t be afraid to clean the whole surface if needed.


You can clean your car’s windows with common household glass cleaner. Use one side of a clean, folded cloth to clean while the surface is wet with the cleaner. Then turn your cloth over to a dry side and buff out any remaining wet spots or streaks.

Wash and Wax Your Exterior

Before you wash your car be sure to have a clean sponge or cloth with no leftover debris that can scratch the car exterior. You can use dish detergent, but remember that it will strip any wax or finish from previous cleanings. You would do well to invest in a car-specific cleaner.

Use a clean dry cloth to dry the surface of your vehicle right after washing to prevent water spots.

Wash and Wax in the Shade

Working in a shaded area will prevent the sun from causing water spots when your water dries too quickly.

The sun can also cause your wax to dry and harden too quickly. This will create a thick coat of wax on the surface of your car that is difficult to remove.


Less is more when it comes to wax, any amount will offer the same amount of protection for your auto paint. Using a really thin layer will decrease dry time as well as time and effort buffing.

If you want the benefits (and more!) of waxing without the work or paying for auto services to clean your car, consider looking into ceramic coating services near me.

Take Care of Your Car

Regularly cleaning the interior and exterior of your car will not only ensure a clean ride but protect your car’s value. Take the time to do it right!

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