What Does a Hydrovac Truck Do?

What Does a Hydrovac Truck Do?

While it may seem harmless, excavation can and often does have a negative impact on the environment.

A hydrovac truck can minimize that environmental impact. But what is a hydrovac truck and what does it do?

There are many applications for a hydrovac truck, including daylighting, trenching, and potholing. They’re used by a number of industries and have a variety of benefits.

We’re explaining all of that and more in this quick guide to hydrovac truck services.

What Is a Hydrovac?

Hydrovac is the short-form term for a hydro excavation truck. The hydrovac is a piece of equipment that sits, usually, on the back of a truck.

This piece of equipment is involved in the excavation of various materials. It uses high-pressure water jets to loosen material that needs to be excavated. The vacuum component of the equipment pulls that debris up and into a holding tank.

There are many different types of hydrovacs. Although they’re basically the same in function, they have different levels of vacuum, capacity, and water pressure.

What Is a Hydrovac Truck Used For?

Hydrovac trucks are used for excavation. They can excavate clay, sand, gravel, and even ice.

Some of the most common applications are:

  • Trenching. This is probably the most common way of excavating. Trenching methods include box and liner, cross and boundary, perimeter, and slot trenching.
  • Daylighting. This involves exposing utilities that are underground to daylight and improves on-site safety.
  • Potholing. This involves digging test holes that expose facilities buried underground.
  • Pipeline and Utility Crossing. This involves excavation in congested areas. The hydrovac is capable of excavating in these areas safely while maintaining underground fixtures.
  • Directional Drilling. This involves making gradual changes in direction and depth underground.

Hydrovac trucks are an appropriate solution for every industry, including construction, oil and gas, utilities, and telecommunications.

Benefits of Hydrovac Truck Services

One of the major benefits of hydrovac truck services is safety. A hydrovac is capable of excavating around utilities, power lines, gas mains, and other underground items. As such, it reduces any risk to the workers on site.

By extension, because of the ability to dig around utilities, power lines, gas mains, etc., there’s less damage to the site infrastructure. That means you can excavate without damaging any underground fixtures, which is both dangerous and expensive.

Using hydrovac truck services is also cost-effective. In comparison to digging manually, it uses less labour and speeds up the process. This saves money on labour costs and leads to faster project completion.

Hydrovac truck services are also environmentally friendly because the excavated material is stored in self-contained tanks.

More Info Your Business Needs

A hydrovac truck is used for excavating all kinds of materials. It’s a safe and cost-effective way to dig underground without risking damage to fixtures and utilities. There are many industries that benefit from the use of hydrovac truck services.

And for more information that you didn’t know your business needed, be sure to check out our business section regularly.


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