Rachael Durie Face Photos Series: What’s the Allure?

Rachael Durie Face Photos Series: What’s the Allure?

What is Rachael Durie Face Photos Series?

Rachael Durie face photos is an Australian craftsman.

She has been capturing her companions in Melbourne and Sydney since mid 2015.

Her work is exceptionally close and to a great extent transcribed.

We sat down to talk with Rachael about her work.

How could you begin your work?

I’ve been taking photos of my companions for some time, yet this time I needed to place the camera in their grasp.

I truly like seeing their appearances in their regular state, rather than arranged.

Do you draw your motivation from their regular daily existences?

Not actually. They’re a method for conversing with them, and offer something with them.

I began by requesting that every companion compose a message on a postcard. From that point I had a thought. I made a couple of photograph mugs, then, at that point, made the postcards with the words.

What number of postcards have you made up until this point?

I’ve made 18 postcards.

For what reason is the series engaging?

“I was enlivened by the cozy contact with my subjects,” says Durie of her series, which comprises of close-up, sincere representations of ladies wearing short of what they typically would. “Some of them were wearing impact points, some were shoeless, some had make-up on, some wore loose garments, some were completely dressed. I observed that they all had exceptionally unmistakable characters and mentalities that were passed on by the manner in which they looked. I loved the way that every lady’s body was addressing me, by being so not quite the same as each other and furthermore the various manners by which their garments were uncovering things about them. More often than not when I’m out in broad daylight, I notice the one who looks the most un-like she’s there, since she’s not centered around me.”

I’ve seen those ladies around.

Why are individuals attracted to it?

Rachael Durie is the photographic artist behind the face photograph series, The Upper Body. It is a series she made in 2012, subsequent to making a T-shirt with her face on it in 2007.

The series consolidates Durie’s calling as a X-beam professional and a PhD in Neuroscience (her proposition at University College London was named “When You Lose Your Memory and It Just Looks Like You Have A Bad Mood”).

All the more as of late, she has made another series, The Upper Arm, which shows different region of the human body.

A photographic artist’s motivation can some of the time be about the abilities, similar to sythesis or specialized capacity, that a photographic artist can use to rejuvenate an item.


On a new Monday morning, the Portland-based photographic artist Rachael Durie face photos was clustered in a huge trailer, taking out a heap of corrosive free gel sheets and layers of mascara.

Inside the trailer, the dividers were shrouded in photos and outlines that Durie has been making throughout the most recent couple of years. While having her hair and cosmetics accomplished for a shoot, Durie was examining her work at an expert level with beautician Sydney Schroeder, talking about the movie and music of Kanye West with lighting chief Dario Picon and ensuring that the area was, to her guidelines, absolutely liberated from any overabundance light.

Durie lives in San Francisco, yet she’s spent the last two summers working in the Renton region on a progression of representations motivated by the Northern California shoreline.


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