Six Different Uses of Lithium Batteries

Six Different Uses of Lithium Batteries

You’re typing away at your computer when all of a sudden, the power in your house goes out. You’ve got a backup generator, but it doesn’t seem to be cutting it either. That’s because it’s outfitted with a traditional acid battery.

Regular batteries aren’t the best when it comes to longevity. Lithium batteries can work almost twice as long or more.

Most lithium batteries are also rechargeable and much more lightweight than the other types of batteries on the market. As you can imagine, their versatility allows them to power several different types of devices.

We’ve got an entire list of ways that you can use your lithium battery in your everyday life. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Emergency Power Backup

Going back to our example from above, you can’t do much when you don’t have power. You won’t be able to cook your meals. The cold food in your refrigerator will spoil.

You’ll be able to get work done on your laptop for a little while, but you’ll have to stop once the battery depletes. You won’t have AC or heat. It’s a complete mess that you can avoid if you have a generator.

One of these devices will provide enough power to get your home going for a few hours until your electricity comes back. If your generator uses traditional acid batteries, you won’t be able to get that much time out of them.

Not to mention, the strain that powering a house will put on the battery will cause it to wear out faster. That’s why you need a generator that uses a 300Ah deep cycle battery.

These batteries last almost twice as long as your traditional acid battery. They don’t wear out easily over time, so you can always count on them to provide emergency power when you need it most.

  1. Pacemakers

A pacemaker is a tiny device that’s surgically placed in a patient’s chest, and it has a large role to fill. It keeps a person’s heart going at a normal pace. Without it, the patient’s heart will begin to beat too slowly.

If you’re the patient in question, you don’t want such an important device to go out on you. That’s why most pacemakers use lithium batteries. These batteries can keep the device working for 15 years or more.

  1. Electric Vehicles

It’s time for you to begin that weekend-long road trip that you’ve been planning for a while. You’ve got all your things packed and ready to go. All that’s left is driving to the campsite.

There’s nothing that can put a damper in your entire operation quite like your car coming to a sudden halt. Your electric car running out of juice is about the same as letting your gas tank run dry.

That’s why most vehicles use a lithium-ion battery. They’ll allow your car or RV to keep going for several hours before it’s time to pull over.

These batteries also don’t wear out after several charges, and they can take sudden fluctuations in temperature. The same can’t be said for their acid counterparts.

Electric cars aren’t the only vehicles that use rechargeable lithium batteries. If you take a scooter to work, there’s a good chance that it’s sporting one of these sturdy batteries as well.

  1. Mobility Equipment

You want to be able to stay in your home for as long as possible. That means you need an answer to simple mobility restrictions. Usually, this involves outfitting your house with stairlifts and using a wheelchair to get around.

It’s more than a little annoying if you can’t get up to your bedroom to go to sleep because the stairlift ran out of power. You need your mobility equipment to be somewhat reliable.

That’s where lithium batteries come in. Again, they’re long-lasting and pretty sturdy. They don’t take long to charge, so even if your stairlift does run out of juice, it won’t take too long for you to get it up and running again.

Lithium batteries come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You’re sure to find one that will fit all your equipment.

  1. Digital Cameras

When you’re on vacation, you’re going to be taking tons of pictures. You need your camera working throughout the entire day. You can charge it at night when you’re in your hotel room.

Many digital cameras use lithium batteries for this purpose. You’ll be able to take plenty of great photos in between charges. If you are worried about your battery going out during the day, you can simply pack a few spares.

  1. Marine Vehicles

You can use acid batteries to power your boat motor, but you may have to worry about it becoming waterlogged. If that were to happen, you could potentially become stranded in the middle of a lake with no way to get help.

Lithium batteries can hold up against the harshest of weather conditions, so it’s not going to budge in the face of a little lake water. Even if your battery does wear out on you, if you have a lithium-powered generator aboard your boat, you can use it to charge your phone and call for assistance.

Common Ways to Use Lithium Batteries

No matter if you need to power your pacemaker or your boat, lithium batteries have you covered. They last for ages without needing a charge, and they don’t wear out as fast as regular acid batteries do. When it comes to your busy life, you need that kind of reliability on your side.

For more ways to use lithium batteries to your advantage, feel free to explore the rest of our blog for additional articles like this one.


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