What Is Design-Build Construction?

What Is Design-Build Construction?

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When it comes to designing and a structure, there are two general options available. You could hire a separate designer and a separate construction company and act as the middleman between the two. Or, on the other hand, you could make use of design-build services.

What is design-build construction, you ask? We’re going to answer that question in detail below!

The Basics of Design-build Project Delivery

Design-build project delivery merges design and construction so that they’re handled by the same entity. In essence, the construction company both designs the structure and erects the structure.

This has a number of benefits, all of which we’ll highlight below.

Reduces Lapses in Communication

One of the big challenges of traditional project delivery in construction is for the designer and the construction company to communicate with one another effectively. This is a challenge for a number of reasons.

For one, the two entities may have never worked together before. As such, they may have communication styles that clash.

For two, the entities may have differences in opinion on how something should be done. This could lead to fights and confrontations that ultimately hurt the project.

Finally, the two entities might not communicate on the same timetable. If not, the project is constantly at risk of being halted, drastically reducing its efficiency.

But with design-build, the designer and construction company are on the same team and have been on the same team for years. They have a system for communicating with one another and will handle all confrontations in-house. This makes for a much smoother project overall and takes a great deal of stress off of the client.

Speeds Up the Project

When the designer and the construction company are working together, they’re always operating on the same page. They plan around each other and are therefore able to facilitate projects as efficiently as possible. In essence, they speed up projects.

This isn’t generally true of traditional project delivery. When the two entities are separated, they work on their own time. This often causes delays, as each entity requires the other to communicate before the next step can be taken.

Saves Money

The last big benefit of design-build is that it saves the client money. This is so for a number of reasons.

For one, it improves the efficiency of the project. The faster the project is carried out, the less money the workers need to be paid, and the less money the client has to pay overall.

In addition, design-build companies often reduce their rates as an incentive to get clients to hire them. This is because they’re getting paid for both services, and are therefore still benefiting.

For more information on design-build, ask a reputable construction company, like Honey Construction, for example.

Design-build Construction Firms Can Make a World of Difference

When it comes to facilitating a construction project, design-build construction firms can make a world of difference. By merging the responsibilities of design and construction, you can take enormous amounts of weight off your shoulders, allowing for a calmer and more peaceful project overall.

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