9 Stunning Upcycling Ideas That’ll Transform Your Wardrobe

9 Stunning Upcycling Ideas That’ll Transform Your Wardrobe

Upcycling is a great way to be eco-friendly in the fashion world. Here are some creative upcycling ideas that’ll help you transform your wardrobe.

Why toss your old clothes when you can transform them into something new? When’s the last time you went through your closet and drawers and say potential rather than seeing old dingy clothes you never wear anymore? It’s time to start imaging all the awesome things you can do with your old clothing before selling or donating them.

Upcycling clothes is the process of taking old clothing items and turning them into something new. Who knew that an old t-shirt could look so cool? There are many neat upcycling ideas that you can try at home with your old clothes.

Are you ready to see what potential lies in your dresser drawers? Continue reading below for a few upcycling projects we think you’ll want to know about!

  1. Add Lace to a Short Dress

You check your closet and find a couple of dresses from junior high or ones you wore in your younger days. You loved those dresses, but now they’re simply too short for your taste. Don’t give up on them just yet, though.

By simply adding lace to the bottom of your dresses, you can add enough length to enjoy wearing them again. If you want to take things even more conservative, be sure to wear a slip under the dress that matches the color of the silk.

  1. Wear Recycled Shoes

How often do you go through shoes? If you’re out and about quite a bit, then you most likely toss your shoes out more often than not. It seems as though sandals, flip flops, and even running sneakers only last so long before they’re completely worn out.

Rather than buying new pairs of shoes from the mall and adding to the waste levels in the environment, consider wearing shoes from recycled materials instead. Shoes made from recycled materials are good for the environment, and you won’t have to feel bad about tossing them when it’s time for a new pair.

  1. Cut Long Shirts Into Crop Tops

If you own a few long t-shirts that you don’t seem to wear anymore, cut them, and transform them into crop tops! Crop tops are much more popular than long tees in today’s world.

You’ll get more use out of them as well if you can turn them into a clothing item you actually like.

To cut your tees into crop tops, put the shirt on first. Where do your crop tops normally end at? Cut just below the length you want it at.

Some materials will fold up once cut, so you want to leave extra room in the length. You can also keep the shirt at its original length and grab two pieces of the material in the front. Tie them together in a knot and you’ve got a simple crop top!

  1. Wear a Blouse Off the Shoulder

Do you have several button-up blouses that you have no need for anymore? If button-ups are too formal for you, make them a little less formal by cutting off the top section of the blouse.

Wear it around the shoulders and have one side hang off the shoulders. You can button all the buttons or leave a few open for a bit of cleavage. Take the ends of the blouse and tie them into a crop top.

It’s cute and stylish and no longer too formal.

  1. Create Stripe Pants With Velvet

Jean pants with stripes down the sides are becoming all the trend. Instead of heading out to the store and buying a new pair of these trendy pants, consider making them yourself! We know you have an old pair of jeans lying around somewhere.

Take a piece of velvet ribbon, the color of your choice, and use adhesive tape to iron the ribbon onto the side of the paints. This upcycling idea takes minimal effort and creates a trendy look you’ll love.

  1. Turn White Tees Into Tie-Dye

White tees come in handy for many occasions. Everyone should have a few white tees in their closet. Over time, however, white tees can become faded or dingy looking.

When you’re ready to toss them out, stop and tie-dye them instead! You can buy tie-dye kits at your local art supply stores. Bring the kit home and follow the directions.

It’s fun and easy to do. Even kids can help you with this transformation! The end result is a new tie-dye shirt, which is trending.

  1. Take a Basic Tee and Make It a Choker

Plain t-shirts aren’t too much fun when you’re trying to spruce up your wardrobe. You can do a lot with basic tees, however, so don’t get rid of them! If you like the choker look, you can take a t-shirt of yours and cut a “V” shape for the neck.

Leave the collar of the shirt intact, though. The collar will act as the choker, but the neck will be opened.

  1. Transform Pants Into Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are a must-have item. They’re popular, and you can find them in just about any store, but you can also find them in your own dresser drawers. If you have an old pair of leggings, workout pants, or even jeans, you can cut them and make biker shorts out of them!

Cut them to the length you want, and then take in the fabric if needed to create a tighter fit. It’s simple and will give you plenty more years of use out of your old pants.

  1. Use Clothing Pieces for a Quilt

Over the years, friends and family may have given you clothes that you once enjoyed wearing, but no longer do. Do any of these pieces have sentimental value? If so, take the old clothing and turn them into a quilt!

Each section of the quilt will display a different item of clothing you love. This is also a great idea when loved ones pass away. You can take their clothes and make them into a quilt that you’ll keep close to your heart at all times.

Which Upcycling Ideas Will You Try?

Upcycling ideas will save you money and will help keep the environment healthy. Who knew there were so many neat ways to transform your old clothes? Which upcycling tips from this list will you try?

Try a few, or try them all!

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