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It was a Dark and Stormy night. Ok it was not night but it had rained for four days.
Bräustüberl Tegernsee  was once a Benedictine Abby but is now a BierGarden/Hall.

So we made a very deliberate detour to this place and were very glad we did.
My Wife thought I was nuts that this can’t be a Brewhaus and it must be some type of Government building based on it’s size.

When we went in were one of few people in the place, a positive on being there at 4:00 on a very wet Thursday.
We were meet by Peter the proprietor looking a lot trimmer then his Photos. I Asked if he had good beer and he replied only the best.
He was right it was a fabulous beer and worth the detour. Next time were staying in Tegernsee, but without the rain please.

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So Peter also showed us thru the menu we decide on the Bavarian duck and the pork based on his recommendations.
Many times duck does not impress me as it can be a bit greasy. This was not it was very crisp with a slight berry to it.
The pork was also a pure delight. Add the Beer and Bavarian pretzels and it’s pretty much a home run in my book.

Photo of Bräustüberl Tegernsee - Tegernsee, Bayern, Germany. Fine Beer

Photo of Bräustüberl Tegernsee - Tegernsee, Bayern, Germany. Bavarian duck and Pork

A fabulous place to sit outside by the lake and have a leisurely meal.  It has all the charm of a traditional seaside restaurant.
It gets quite crowded when the weather is nice so expect to share a table (picnic style with long benches).

The wait staff seemed a bit harried but they did a good job at getting things accomplished. The menu is traditional Bavarian fare, yet I saw some salads go by to another table that looked wonderful.

I was immediately drawn to one of my favorite entrees, the schweinhaxe.  Not so healthy, but ever so good.  And it was quite tender and easy to cut and digest.  It comes with a Knodle, like bread stuffing. My table mates wanted to have me share some of the tasty fatty skin and since I only had a sliver I was glad to share.
It came accompanied with a side of potato salad, German style.
The only complaint I’d have is that the food was too salty and I tasted the salt hours later.

The setting is just beautiful and besides the backdrop of the lakeside there is the large classic monastery right in back.


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