Facts About Engineering in Computer

Facts About Engineering in Computer

A Brief History of Computer Science Engineering

The IT revolution has reached billions of people worldwide so far. Facts About Engineering in Computer It takes 4 years for a computer science graduate to finish college before their career kickstarts. Software technology is ever-evolving so it is vital for students to acquire skills to ensure they are well-positioned to thrive when their time comes.

The first degree of computer science engineering was established in the year 1972. Hundreds of programs are available now offered by different countries in the field of computer science engineering.

The field of computer engineering has multiple branches corresponding to different theoretical or practical focuses. Moreover, with the recent developments in the field of technology and digital transformation, the scope of computer science engineering has taken a quantum leap.

A computer science engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and testing Softwares. Furthermore, a computer engineer is also responsible for maintaining programs in an organization and handling client projects. With the use of embedded systems, engineers can enhance the speed, reliability, and performance of the systems.  So, let’s take a look at some of the facts about computer science engineering for aspiring minds.

Some Common Facts About Computer Science Engineering

Fact #1: Computer Science graduates get some of the highest salaries in the computing industry facts About Engineering in Computer.

Fact #2: According to NACE, 68.7%  of computer science graduates will have at least one job before they graduate from college.

Fact #3: A bachelor’s degree is enough in the field of computer science engineering for skilled professionals with lucrative job opportunities in the industry.

Fact #4: Being a computer science graduate doesn’t mean you will be chained to a computer forever.

Fact #5: Computer science graduates do not sit in their basement and code all the time. Some people think of computer science graduates as anti-social nerds, which cannot be far away from the truth.

Fact #6: Computer Science is not just about programming. Programming is just a tool used in computer science.

Fact #7: The fundamentals of computer science will never go out of the fashion. Whatever the future holds, the basic theory of computer science will remain the same.

The Best is Yet to Come

In this modern age, the potential for a career in computer science engineering is phenomenal. There are a wide number of choices available for computer science majors, some of them are Programming, Movies & Animation, and Research & development, etc. Computer Engineering offers career paths in both hardware engineering and software development in different industries. It all depends on the individual interests.

There are numerous job opportunities available for computer science graduates. There is a huge demand for skilled professionals in different industries and firms for performing various activities like software designing, development, testing, data security, research, and many types of maintenance activities for the computer. 300,000 new jobs are expected to be created by the year 2018 in the field of computer science engineering. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Famous people who have studied computer science

How many times do you google famous personalities just to check what they did academically to reach the top? We all do this, right? Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Jimmy Fallon, Anita Borg, Liam Neeson, Masi Oka, Reed Hastings, and many more have made their careers touch the highest milestones, but there is only one thing common in between them, i.e. ‘Computer Science’.

Got some inspiration already?


A Computer Engineer needs to have a number of personality traits. A computer engineer needs to be logical, insightful, and creative.  A computer engineer does not need to toy with keyboards and monitors all day long; these engineers get to deal in robotics which is one of the fastest-growing entertainment sides of computer engineering. Last but not least computer engineers can be fun and delightful to be around. *no pun intended*.


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Mr. Shubham Malik is an academic writer at Sharda University. The writer is a Computer Science Engineer and the blog is written to enthuse the aspirants of the field.



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