How to Make a Fair Offer on a House

How to Make a Fair Offer on a House

Homeownership is one part exciting, one part terrifying and one part downright confusing. Buying a home can seem like a complicated headache of a process. Yet, if you go into the home buying process with the right information you can be unstoppable!

So, how much should you offer on a house? Learn how to make the home buying process a breeze, below.

The First Home Buying Experience: Things to Remember

The average new home in the U.S. sold for 385 thousand in 2018. But like the adage says, “Nothing is set in stone”.

The list price for a home is no exception. The advertised list price for a home gives you a hint about the amount the homeowner wants for their property. But, this doesn’t mean that this is the best of the discussion.

It’s possible to get the home for a different price, but you must remember these things.

How Much Should You Offer on a House?

Do you know the temperature of your market?

A hot market, or a buyers market, could have a home with many potential buyers. In this case, a bidding war may start. Some homeowners in hot markets may even list the home low to get the most attention possible.

In a buyers market, you have the opportunity to offer slightly less than asking price. The homeowner might not accept the offer, but they could counteroffer!

You can ask the selling agent’s advice on price. If you ask, make sure to ask what a fair price would be. It never hurts to also ask what similar homes in the area have sold for too.

The selling agent is trying to get the most for the home, but they can give you information for a fair counter offer.

If you are curious about how to negotiate buying a house, we can help!

Fair Pricing?

If the market is cooler, or a seller’s market, it’s more important to pay attention to the price. In a seller’s market, there are more home buyers than sellers, and the value for the home is around asking price.

Therefore, it would be important to offer as close to asking price as possible.

It’s also important to note that the seller has the right to counter or reject any offer even one for full price.

As a future home buyer, don’t take online listings as gospel. Ask your real estate agent what they feel is fair for the home you are looking at. Together you can come up with a valid offer.

Almost Home!

The home buying process can be tough. But if you do your research on the market, ask around, and look for any comparable homes, you can make sure you aren’t overpaying.

How much should you offer on a house? That all depends on how much your research says it should sell for. If you feel, lost don’t hesitate to ask your real estate agent.

The home of your dreams could be a simple bid away. If you are looking for your paradise, it’s time to start offering and make it happen!

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