Is a Cessna Skylane the Right Aircraft for You? How to Choose

Is a Cessna Skylane the Right Aircraft for You? How to Choose

The Cessna 182 Skylane has had a long and fascinating journey dating all the way back to 1956 after evolving from the 180 Traildigger.

It has become a popular choice for new and experienced pilots alike, with over 13,000 Skylanes currently on the FAA Aircraft Registry.

But why are they so popular? And is the Cessna Skylane price worth it?

This guide will explain Skylane’s benefits and drawbacks so that you can decide if it’s the right aircraft for you.

Cessna Skylane Saftey

The safety and reliability of Cessna Skylane 182 A-R models contribute greatly to their popularity. Its design and structural integrity are perhaps why they continue to be manufactured and purchased to this day.

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation Safety found that only 10% of Skylane accidents were caused by mechanical issues. That means that barring pilot decisions and weather, accidents are seldom caused by the aircraft’s build.

Skylane’s easy handling makes it popular among novice pilots and is also a factor in its lack of accidents. While it may not be the fastest plane with a top speed of 168 MPH, it makes it easier to control.

Newer models boast increased visibility and the ability to take off and land with only 800 feet of runway. Digital autopilot with electronic stability and under-speed protection also add safety to newer models.

Interior Features of a Skylane

Comfort and capability are two benefits of the Skylane. It seats 4 passengers and has contoured seats. The wraparound windows provide great panoramic views from any of these seats. Newer models also support USB charging.

Two additional children’s seats can also be added in the baggage area if desired.

Cabin air controls and ventilation keep the temperature of the cockpit consistent. Soundproofing reduces noise and provides a quiet and comfortable flight.

Two doors and a high-wing design allow pilots and passengers easy access in and out of the aircraft.

Cessna Skylane Price

At a current price of $360,900, the Cessna Skylane is slightly over the average price for single-engine piston planes which is $311,844. Considering some pilots start and end their careers in a Skylane, this is good value.

When finding a used Cessna 182 Skylane for sale, expect to pay around $140,000 on average. Although, the price of any used airplane for sale will vary depending on airframe hours, engine hours, damage history, etc.

A slower speed, limited range, and limited cabin space may drive some buyers to planes with a higher price. But while Cessna Skylanes aren’t the absolute best in any one category, they do very well in every category.

Should You Buy a Skylane?

It really all depends on where and how you intend to fly. If you only need to fly a maximum of 1,013 miles and have a top speed of 166 MPH, you can’t do much better than a Cessna Skylane.

We hope this guide has explained why Skylanes are a simple, reliable, and practical aircraft for both beginners and veterans.

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