Technoblade’s Minecraft skin,

Technoblade’s Minecraft skin,

When it comes to Minecraft, everybody has heard the name Technoblade. From starting his career on the Hypixel to joining the famous Dream SMP, Technoblade has grown rapidly.

The streamer is known for his clever tactics and strategies against opponents in PvP battles. In the Dream SMP, Technoblade’sew plays the role of an anarchist who helped in overthrowing the government of Manberg.

This article covers everything readers need to know about Technoblade, a skilled PvP gamer who never dies.

Who is Technoblade?

Technoblade’s rare face reveal (Image via Technoblade)

Technoblade is one of the biggest Minecraft content creators on YouTube. There’s not much known about his personal life and name. Many fans consider his real name to be ‘Dave,’ based on speculations from one of his older videos, but Technoblade never confirmed this.

He has over 7.3 million subscribers on YouTube, making it one of the biggest Minecraft channels in the United States. Technoblade also boasts 400k followers on Twitch, despite having just one “April Fools” stream.

Technoblade’s Minecraft skin

Technoblade’s skin in the game (Image via MCPE DL)

Technoblade skin features a pig wearing a crown filled with jewels. In his Minecraft career, the YouTuber has used his skin as his avatar. Fans can see him wearing a long red robe on his skin.

On the Dream SMP, it is common for players to change skins depending on the event’s theme. In the past, Technoblade has also used the pacifist skin on this server.

Technoblade’s role on the Dream SMP


Dream SMP follows an entertaining b format in which all server members play as a character. Dream and GeorgeNotFound created Dream SMP on April 24, 2020. Technoblade joined on September 22nd, 2020, and since then, has played an essential role in Dream SMP.

Technoblade played the role of an anarchist and opposed the government of L’Manberg. His hatred towards the government made him allies with Wilbur Soot and TommyInnit, who were exiled from Manberg and were planning to take revenge. After weeks of preparation, they attacked Manberg and destroyed it.

But, soon, the other citizens made a new government, leading to another battle. When the war ended, Technoblade retired and made a cabin in a far distant tundra land. In the cabin, he spends his time collecting food for his pets and feeding them.

Later, Techno and Phil formed the Syndicate to promote anarchy on the server. Their goal is to remove the tyrannical government from the Dream SMP.

Technoblade’s texture pack


Technoblade is famous for his combat skills in Minecraft PvP, and he has won many tournaments, titles, and mini-games involving PvP. His team was also the winner of the Minecraft Championship 4. Technoblade considers Dream his main rival, and the Minecraft sensation acknowledges him in return.

Texture packs can affect the outcome of PvP battles, and Technoblade agrees on this. He has used various texture packs in his Minecraft videos, including Tightvault revamp, War v2, and TimeDeo’s 2k pack.

Interested readers can follow Technoblade on various platforms to stay updated with what he’s doing. Here are the links to his SM channels:


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