Ted Halstead: Climate Change – What Is It?

Ted Halstead: Climate Change – What Is It?

Ted Halstead, climate expert, author, policy entrepreneur, and public speaker has founded four non-profit think tanks. Learn more about his thoughts on climate change.

In 2019, the UN said we only have 11 years to prevent irreversible climate disasters. We’re running out of time.

That’s why we need to listen to the voices speaking out, like Ted Halstead, Climate Leadership Council chairman, and CEO. These voices guide governments and people as to the proper changes we as a society need to make.

So in a quick overview, here’s what you need to know about climate change.

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is the result of extra carbon in the air that affects the atmosphere around us. To scale, the atmosphere is incredibly thin. If you look at a globe, the atmosphere is as thick as a coat of varnish.

Relatively small amounts of extra carbon can have a massive impact on the way our atmosphere functions to protect the earth. What’s happening is called a greenhouse effect. The carbon is trapping in heat, causing the world to warm; even an increase of two degrees Celcius will have enormous impacts on our day to day lives.

It Sounds Like Longer Summers – Why Are We Worried?

The joke is we’ll have longer summers and less winter, so what’s the problem? That’s not how climate change works. Overall, the world will get hotter with a two degrees increase, there are pockets of the planet that could potentially see a new ice age.

That’s because the climate is incredibly complex. It relies on systems that have been in place for thousands of years.

In other places, regular daytime heat can reach levels that are intense enough to kill. We’re likely to see widespread droughts, dust bowls, famines, desertification, clean water shortages, catastrophic flooding, and more.

This year alone, 24 million people were displaced due to climate change disasters.

What Can I Do?

One of the best things you can do is to be informed and share your knowledge. You can donate to organizations that work to protect the environment and slow climate change.

You can also work to limit your consumption. Part of the problem is buying new things, and throwing them out. Change the way you eat to cut back on meat and animal products. Try to focus on things that were produced locally to limit carbon from transportation.

Learn to recognize areas in your life that contribute to climate change, and change them. Stay informed, and demand change from your government and from the companies you purchase goods from.

What Climate Leaders Should I Follow?

When learning about climate change, it’s important to follow experts you can trust. Ted Halstead is part of the Climate Leadership Council, an excellent resource for looking at how society needs to change.

Other experts to follow include Wallace S Broecker, James E Hanson, Phil D Jones, or any of these other climate experts.

Scientists and Ted Halstead: Climate Experts Say We Need to Change

According to leaders like Ted Halstead, climate change is imminent, especially if we don’t make radical changes to our lifestyles.

The changes we make will design a healthier, safer, and more sustainable planet for those who inherit it. We’re running out of time, and we need to act now.

You can stay on top of the latest climate news and the changes you make by regularly reading up at Nature World News. Thanks for being a reader.


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