This Is How Much an Electrical Panel Upgrade Costs in 2021

This Is How Much an Electrical Panel Upgrade Costs in 2021

Whether you live in the heart of the city or miles out in the country, your home relies on electricity to function. Never was this more true than during the lockdowns of 2020, when online activity replaced most in-person functions.

Your house requires a functional electrical panel to supply electricity. This system helps divert electricity into the many circuits running through your home. When it fails, your panel needs upgrades as soon as possible.

The question is, how much does an electrical panel upgrade cost? To discover the answer to this question, check out our guide below!

Average Cost to Upgrade Electrical Panel

The average cost to upgrade electrical panels falls at $1,181 in the US. The job has a typical cost range between $535 and $1,934. At its most extreme points, the cost for upgrading electrical panels could be as low as $125 or as high as $3,500.

What factors affect this price range? One critical portion of the price goes to hiring an electrician. The average electrician charges approximately $50 to $100 per hour for their labor.

In total, you should expect to pay somewhere between $200 and $2,000 for the electrician’s project labor. Typically, upgrades take between four and eight hours to complete, not including rewiring work.

Another factor that affects the cost is your permit to upgrade electrical panel cost. To acquire this permission, electricians must follow Electrical Panel upgrade Code requirements.

A final factor in determining your costs is the amperage to which you upgrade your panel. We’ll discuss this in more depth in the sections below.

How Amperage Affects Electrical Panel Upgrade Cost

In general, there are four amperages you can upgrade your electrical panel to. You can find these four levels in the list below:

  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 400

Each of these upgrades has its cost range, with the most expensive being 200 and 400. Installing these may require additional work to the supply line to support amperages at this level.

If this occurs, you can expect to pay much more for your electrical upgrade. However, most lines can accommodate 125, 150, and 175 amps. As such, choosing an upgrade at these levels can save you money.

When to Choose Higher Upgrades

Sometimes, you may find it necessary or helpful to upgrade to 200 or 400 amps. Moving to a 200-amp box gives you room to grow your home. If you want to add to the home or have a large garage, this extra amperage gives you more power on which to draw.

The average homeowner won’t need a 400-amp box. Typically, these are wise choices for sizeable houses in hot climates. Households that regularly use jetted tubs also find this amperage helpful.

The cost for upgrading your electrical panel to 200 amps typically falls between $750 and $2,000. A 400-amp upgrade, however, falls between $1,500 and $4,500.

Find the Electrical Panel You Need!

When considering the electrical panel upgrade cost, try to determine how much electricity your house needs. Do you live in a small home in a temperate climate? If so, you can probably use less than 200 amps.

However, a large home may require between 200 and 400 amps. Whatever the case, make the choice that’s right for you!

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