What is the Best Laptop for Data Science? 9 Great Options

What is the Best Laptop for Data Science? 9 Great Options

Are you trying to learn about the best laptop for data science? If yes, you should check out some of the greatest laptops here.

The laptop technology balance has always been about crafting a machine of both power and convenience. The problem is often that one always takes away from the other. Data science requires power.

Going through massive mounds of data needs a processing power to push through it. Data science should also have the mobility to work where it needs to and smaller packages for transport often lose out on power.
There is a way to find the proper balance though. The best laptop for data science might even be right here on this list. Let’s dive deeper.
What You Need for the Best Laptop for Data Science
With data science, you will be pushing a lot of raw data through your laptop for processing. To get the right machine for the job, you need to understand the parameters you need.

Power is the first thing. Your computer needs to be able to handle a lot of data at once. If your laptop lags or you need to shrink the amount of data you work with, you’re losing time.
You also need a quality interface.

Digging around that data for the items you need is a complex enough process. You don’t want to be fighting with your computer or operating system as well.
The last portion is why you look for laptops in the first place. Being able to set up and work from anywhere can be crucial for long data crunches.
Let’s see what these 9 options have to offer.
1. Dell Inspiron 15″
The Dell Inspiron laptop is one of the great long-time contenders for the most efficient jack of all trades. It boasts both power and affordability.
The system has a blazing refresh rate and the Inspiron name has long been a symbol of quality in the market. It also has a handy anti-glare screen, letting you work long hours without awkward lighting getting in the way.

With all that power, the Inspiron also boasts a unique cooling system to keep the laptop from overheating. With power, speed, and comfort, all for a solid price, Inspiron is a definite contender for the best laptop for data science.
2. Apple MacBook Pro
Apple has had a long history of sleek performance with easy-to-use interfaces. Apple ensures that its MacBooks are comfortable to work with and the new MacBook Pro is no different.
Apple puts a high value on security, with their operating systems built around a safeguarded method of security, which is perfect when working with lots of important data.
In the past, Apple has had problems with having the proper programs to function. Those days are long gone, with power apps for all manners of work.
Websites like https://thetophint.com/mac can help you find them!
3. Lenovo IdeaPad
The Lenovo IdeaPad is a powerhouse of laptops, going all-in on high-performance hardware. This leads to a bulky finish, but few can compete with its sheer processing speed for everything from 3D rendering to data processing.
Despite being a bit of a pain to carry, the keyboard is smooth and easy to type with for long periods of time. The backlit nature of it helps you to work in the dark.
4. ASUS VivoBook
The ASUS VivoBook is for those who want a bit more style to their laptop. While it isn’t the highest grade of technical hardware, it’s no slouch either.
The backlit screen and keyboard help to keep you working, no matter the environment. The heating components keep the laptop cool for hours of constant high performance.
It’s thin and lightweight, letting you carry it with ease and store it wherever you need to.

5. Dell Ultra Thin and Light
For the sleekest and thinnest design on the market, combined with the extra-wide InfinityEdge display, the Dell Ultra Thin, and Light XPS9560 is a real head-turner.
The InfinityEdge display is a newer technology perfecting the laptop screen with no borders at all. This gives you those extra few inches for a pure, wide display.
6. Lenovo 320 Business Laptop
Another Lenovo hits the list and it brings with it another powerhouse of a laptop. Unlike the IdeaPad, the 320 Business Laptop is one of the best balances on the market instead of pure power.
Its battery life is exceptional, as it’s able to put out hours of work without a problem. The simple and smooth design is pleasant to work with. Even in power, it still ranks as one of the best non-gaming laptops around.
7. Acer Aspire
For a sleek and unique twist, the Acer Aspire gives a convertible laptop with a multitude of options. You can flip the laptop around, using it more like a tablet with its potent touchscreen.
This flexibility in design gives you plenty of options for a proper workspace. This is far from a gimmick, as Acer not only fixes the often wobbly design of other 360 laptops, but also provides considerable power to its machines.
8. HP HD Touchscreen Laptop
Interested in a solid laptop with balanced specs and a unique touchscreen function? The HP HD Touchscreen Laptop is a real winner.
While it doesn’t excel at any one point, all of its stats are solid and reliable. It falters a small amount in graphical power, but that is often the least useful item when working with data science.
9. Huawei MateBook X Pro
The sleek and compact Huawei MateBook X Pro has much in common with the more expensive MacBook Pro. You lose little on the power and useability of the laptop, but do not gain the ubiquitous Apple brand.
This can be a selling point or a stopping point for buyers, depending on how much you trust and use the Apple brand. Huawei provides solid customer service and a better battery life, but the choice can go either way.

From Where You Are to Around the World

Finding the best laptop for data science often boils down to what works for your specific needs. Data science has certain requirements, but a lot of the specifics boil down to your tastes.
If you are still concerned about the details of your new laptop, there is still much you can research. We have plenty of tech articles like this one. Check them out today!


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