Your in Depth Guide to Tokyo One Piece Tower

Your in Depth Guide to Tokyo One Piece Tower

Read about Tokyo One Piece Tower, an indoor theme park in the iconic Tokyo Tower across four floors that your little ones can enjoy.

Tokyo One Piece Tower is a huge indoor amusement park based on the popular anime series One Piece.

With 4 floors of indoor fun, visitors can explore the world of the

One Piece characters up close and personal with live-shows, lifesize sets featuring all of the Straw Hat Crew, and captivating attractions.

Conveniently located at the base of the Tokyo Tower, it’s accessible and exciting for all ages and offers a range of themed restaurants and shops within the hotel.

Read on for an in-depth guide to the One Piece amusement park in Tokyo!

Tokyo One Piece Tower – Let’s Break it Down

The One Piece Tower opened in March 2015 and is spread across four floors of the Tokyo Tower.

With nine different attractions, each based on a different character of the One Piece series, you’ll get the chance to immerse yourself in this popular anime!

This indoor theme park includes character photo ops, 360 theaters, themed shops,

restaurants, scavenger hunts, and life show the whole family will enjoy.

Let’s get into our guide to the Tokyo One Piece Tower – aka Tongari Island!

Start at the 360 Log Theater

As you enter the building on the 3rd floor, this is the first attraction you will see.

Here, you can look back at the adventures of the Straw

Hat Pirates on a 360-degree screen that will immerse you in the adventures of the characters!

This 3-minute clip can be experienced in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean as well.

You don’t need to be a die-hard One Piece fan to enjoy this amazing experience!

Join the Straw Hat Crew at Tongari Port

Next, you will see the Straw Hat Crew at Tongari Port! The display is complete with music and voices to go with each character. You can pose for a photo as a member of the crew, as the atmosphere makes you feel as if you are truly there with the characters.

Shop at Tongari Store

Right next to the Tongari Port you will find the Tongari Store.

This gift shop features exclusive One Piece merchandise available exclusively at the Tokyo Tower!

Located right next to the exit on the 3rd floor, you can take your time browsing the One Piece merchandise before saying goodbye to the Tokyo Tower.

The Middle Floor Attractions

The majority of the Straw Crew attractions can be found on the middle floor.

Popular ones include Zoro’s Soul of Edge, Brook’s Horror House, Chopper’s Thousand Sunny Tours, Franky’s Corner, Robin’s Finding Ponegliff, and Nami’s Casino House — and more!

Luffy’s Adventures

On the top floor, you can take a trip down memory lane with Luffy.

This exhibit will take you through Luffy’s adventures from childhood on his path to become Pirate King.

You can even watch an exclusive 10-minute clip looking into Luffy’s future!

Are You Ready for Your Tokyo Adventure?

The Tokyo One Piece Tower is a special experience for the whole family.

Anime fans, and non-anime fans alike, will appreciate the vibrant anime subculture of Japan, and the exciting world of the Straw Hat Crew!

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