5 Industrial Tools Your Factory Needs

5 Industrial Tools Your Factory Needs

Every manufacturing company needs manufacturing tools, from your load-bearing equipment to your drilling and grinding tools. Sometimes workers need materials transported from one area to another in the most efficient way possible. Other times, they need those materials broken down.

However, there are some industrial tools that are essential for any warehouse to function properly. Here are a few of the factory tools you should invest in before buying anything else.

  1. Sheet Metal Machines

Regardless of the type of factory facility you visit, you’ll probably see some sheet metal machinery at work. The different types include the power press, bending machine, hydraulic shearing machine, and more.

This type of warehouse equipment is common in factories because sheet metal is widely used. You can find them used in truck bodies, roofing, and airplanes.

  1. Forklift

Not every piece of material you work with will be small and light. Often, you’ll need a forklift to transport larger objects or amounts of objects.

A forklift is a high-powered type of truck that comes with a front end that can lift up heavy loads. They can carry anywhere between 9,000 to 30,000 pounds depending on the model. Some are even usable on rough terrain.

Although they are prone to tipping over, they’re an essential part of running your factory.

  1. HVLS Fans

Unlike residential and office buildings, warehouses don’t come with central air conditioning. A standing fan or a window air conditioner unit won’t work well, either. As a result, you’ll have bad ventilation without the proper equipment.

HVLS fans are large ceiling fans that move air slowly without disrupting your work environment. Even a single fan can make a big difference.

  1. Gantry Cranes

A gantry crane is a freestanding overhead crane that can move either on wheels or a track system. They’re used for carrying heavy loads, usually in an outdoor setting where you can’t use an overhead runway system.

Most commonly, gantry cranes hold an object in place while it’s being worked on. They’re not an operational tool meant to transport these loads around a facility.

  1. Floor Sweeper

One of the most useful and underrated industrial tools is the floor sweeper. In a factory setting, the last thing you want is a messy floor that can cause accidents. A floor sweeper can clean wide areas with ease.

They come in a variety of sizes that can be either ridden or pushed. As a piece of factory equipment, it’s rather unassuming, but it can keep metal scraps and other material from accumulating.

Investing in Industrial Tools

As a manufacturing company, your employees are going to work with a wide variety of factory equipment. However, these five industrial tools are some of the most common and well-used of them all.

It’s important for all of your workers to get proper training with each one. Even if a forklift seems simple enough to use, one of the main causes of workplace incidents happens with one.

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