How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? A Comprehensive Guide

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? A Comprehensive Guide

With electricity costs continuing to rise, more people are moving away from traditional power sources, opting for solar panel installation instead.

However, before making a move, you probably want to know if this investment will really pay off. Determining this starts with knowing how much do solar panels cost?

Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer to this question, and several factors will impact the cost. Keep reading to learn more about what will impact the cost of your solar panel installation.

Roof Type and Angle

During installation, solar panels must be angled, so they receive maximum sun exposure. If your roof is angled, this isn’t an issue. However, scaffolding will have to be built to angle the panels properly if you have a flat roof.

This will increase the cost of installation. Roof material also impacts the cost. This is because different materials and tools are needed for different roofing types.

It’s best to ask the technician from Blue Raven Solar about this during the initial meeting.

License Costs

Each area must follow specific regulations when it comes to solar panel installation. If acquiring the licenses is expensive or a time-consuming process, the contractor will likely charge more.

This is also going to increase the total cost of installation.

Tracking System Installation

Some solar systems can be installed so you can monitor how the system works. This type of tracking and monitoring system is a great investment, but it does cost more than the base system.

Structural Considerations

If you have an older house, some structural adjustments must be made before having solar panels installed. In some situations, you will need to have a whole new roof installed.

Failure to make these updates may result in the panels having to be taken down and then reinstalled. Also, failing to fix structural issues with your roof may cause the solar panels or the wiring to be damaged.

Potential Savings Offered by Installing Solar Panels

While several factors can increase the cost of solar panel installation, most homeowners see energy savings of up to 75%. The savings you experience depend on where you live, the climate, and your energy needs.

Remember that even if your solar panels generate 100% of your energy needs, you may still get a utility bill. Rather than asking for payments, though, you receive net metering credits for that month. This is another benefit of solar panel installation.

Now You Know the Factors That Impact How Much Do Solar Panels Cost

When trying to figure out how much do solar panels cost, there are many factors to consider. Each of the factors above will impact what you pay, which is why nailing down a specific number is so challenging.

To get a better idea of the total cost, work with a local contractor.

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