Is Filtered Water Really That Good For You?

Is Filtered Water Really That Good For You?

Did you know about a quarter of America’s population drinks tap or filtered water? This accounts for at least sixteen percent of the population. And ten percent of Americans will only drink filtered or tap water.

But should you drink tap water? Is drinking tap water good for you like the experts say?

Do you know how to filter water and what different kinds of filters you have available to you? Keep reading to find out what is filtered water, where to buy water filters and so much more.

What Is Filtered Water? Where Can I Buy Water Filters?

Sometimes called purified water, filtered water runs through a filtration system. You can find filtered water at most grocery stores depending on your area.

Filtered water often comes from a local tap, which runs through a filtration system. The filter removes chlorine, and sometimes they’ll use a micron filter. This may also improve the water’s taste.

Types of Water Filters

You can find plenty of water filtration systems sold on the market. You’ve likely heard of a Brita water filter or something similar.

If you want filtered water, try membrane filtration water treatment today. This is an advanced form of technology when it comes to types of water filters.

This treatment removes many particles you don’t water left in your water. These particles include viruses and bacteria. It does so through microfiltration and ultrafiltration.

Do Water Filters Work?

Depending on the filter and who you ask, some people don’t think water filters work well enough. Use whatever type of water filter works best for your and your family’s needs.

For example, you can use a filtered water dispenser that goes inside your fridge. Or you can use membrane filtration water treatment which may give you better results. You can also try a faucet-mounted water filtration system — it hooks right up to your kitchen sink.

Water filtration removes harmful chemicals from your water supply. If you’re unsure whether your tap water is safe to drink, there are some things you can do.

Buy a self-test kit or send some of your water away to a lab for testing. Both of these tests will let you know if you should drink your tap water.

If you test your water and find it’s safe to drink without a filter… you should buy a filter anyway. A water filter gives you extra protection against bacteria and other contaminants.

Why Choose to Drink Filtered Water?

Drinking filtered water is the best option for you and your family. Filtered water protects you from parasites like E. coli, Giardia, and many more.

Ask family and friends what water filtration systems they use. You can try membrane filtration water treatment. This treatment removes microparticles inside your water.

Other water filtration dispensers include Brita filters and tap-mounted systems. For more information about filtered water systems, check out our website today.


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