7 Common Uses for Concrete

7 Common Uses for Concrete

There are many uses for concrete in all aspects of our nation’s infrastructure. This versatile substance has a long history. Concrete started as its precursor substance, cement, which has been around since ancient times.

It wasn’t until 1824 when Joseph Aspdin invented “Portland Cement” that modern concrete was born. Since that day, the properties of concrete have made it a choice substance for building and construction projects of all types.

Read on to learn 7 common uses of concrete in modern times. The versatility of this useful substance may surprise you.

  1. Building Materials

Concrete is one of the top choices of building materials across the world. Not only is it fire-resistant, but it is also a cheap, durable, and widely available option.

From schools to apartment buildings, many structures are made of concrete. Concrete used in construction is tough and durable. It also starts in a viscous form, making it the perfect substance to mold into a variety of different forms.

  1. Driveways

Concrete is one of the best substances to build your driveway out of. It provides a durable and smooth finished product that is also visually appealing.

Concrete alternative substances also provide an excellent choice for those looking for a more green option.

  1. Skateparks

Most of the world’s best skateparks are concrete. From Burnside in Portland, Oregon, to the numerous municipal parks across the country, concrete forms the basis of a world-class skatepark.

  1. Uses for Concrete in Urban Watersheds

What is concrete made of? It consists of three components, water, aggregate, and Portland cement. When you put the three together, you can craft a variety of different shapes and simulated topographies.

The former is perfect for urbanizing natural features, such as a river or stream. Prime examples of concrete drainages are in Los Angeles and the Southwest.

Here you can see where seasonal rivers have been converted into concrete drainages in major metropolitan areas.

  1. Fence Post Anchors

When you need to anchor in your fence posts for the long haul, nothing works better than concrete. All you have to do is dig a hole, fill it with concrete and mount your fence post.

  1. Uses in Art

Concrete materials are an excellent artistic medium. From sculptures to engravings, concrete provides a unique substance for artists to express themselves with.

  1. Uses as a Floor Material

Each material used in concrete comes in a separate form. It isn’t until they are all mixed that the concrete hardens into its final state. This makes it an excellent substance to use for flooring in any building.

It makes a very durable and level surface. From warehouses to residential buildings, concrete floors are an excellent choice.

Concrete Will Shape the Future

The modern world was built by concrete, and the future will continue to be molded by it. There are many uses for concrete throughout everyday life.

If you are thinking about a building project, choose concrete as your material of choice. Better yet, select some eco-friendly concrete alternative to make your project green. For other great info like this article, check out our site!


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