What Are the Different Types of Industrial Lights That Exist Today?

What Are the Different Types of Industrial Lights That Exist Today?

Warehouse and manufacturing plants are the backbones of America. This is why having the best industrial lights is essential to the safety and productivity of the employees.

However, not all lights are designed the same. There are many different types of industrial lights with different purposes. So if you want to know about the best industrial lighting, keep reading!

Types of Industrial Lights

The most popular types of industrial lights are usually LED tower lights, halogen lamps, and incandescent lights. All these lights are great, but certain lights are better for certain environments.

For example, some industrial lighting is better for higher ceilings, while others are better for lower ceilings.

Incandescent Lighting

Incandescent is very common in industrial and home lighting. This kind of light is very traditional and works by passing electrical currents through a wire.

Once the wire heats up, the white light turns on. These kinds of light are better for smaller warehouses that don’t have ceilings reaching more than 15 feet.

There are some downsides to this lighting. For example, this kind of light only lasts around 400 to 1,000 hours.

The price for this kind of industrial lighting is cheaper, but they will need to be quickly replaced more frequently.

LED Lighting

LED lights are eco-friendly and produce no toxic chemicals. LED lighting is also very cost-efficient because of its durability. LED lights don’t stop shining; they become dimmer when they need to be replaced.

LED lights also produce minimal heat, which is great when working in hot environments! Most often, LEDs are mostly used for LED tower lights because of their brightness and durability. But, LED lights are diverse and can be used in industrial and home settings as well!

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting has always been the top pick because of its durability. This lighting can last from 12,000 to 25,000 hours.

Some fluorescent lights have stronger power and can last even longer. This type of lighting is amazing! But, as mentioned earlier, they produce a lot of chemicals!

High-Intensity Discharge

HID lighting can come with metal halide, mercury, or high-pressure sodium. These elements become pressurized and placed in a tube where an electric current will then pass.

This process creates a very bright light that is great for outdoor or general lighting! However, the warehouse industry has also used this light because of the great illumination.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen lighting can be used in many areas, such as a convertible line or an assembly station. The lighting itself is very bright and white, making it good industrial light.

This light is also used as an accent, commercial roof lighting, and floodlighting because of its versatility and reflectiveness.

The Best Lighting

The best workers have the best tools and accessories available. So now that you know about the best industrial lights, it’s time to light up your business!

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